Snipers & scopes, m10 xbox one

For me snipers especially jakobs ones seem unusable simply because the zoom, seems wonky, tunnel vision ect and the adds never stay still like if all snipers had an option to remove scope or change zoom factor or both think I’d use them alot more the monicle sniper 14x zoom? jeez, seems like only Dahl have this and actually like to use different new legendary ones, I’m on xbox & the game can feel fast pace using a controller, gearbox would you consider this change? thanks in advance

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i have already tried this more than half a year ago nobody cares monocle’s zoom got as much likes as dislikes

since then i have been questioning my sanity


I’m a fan of the Monocle’s zoom, not only for the range, but also because it fits the weapon’s gimmick. Frankly I wish more Jakobs weapons could come with that scope, but it does give that weapon its own little niche.

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it’s true tho run m10 with a sniper on console does need attention like the monicle for instance since it has a big scope like in the real world you can zoom in & out that should be a feature in my opinion don’t think these legendary snipers has alt fire mode easy change that zoom preference, suppose all can do is keep asking gearbox

Not gonna disagree with what you like, like the unseen threat jakobs sniper I got with 5.1x zoom & still find it hard to use that in chaos and land crit, the blue rarity sniper “the hunt (ed)” a jakobs that’s for robots I think but it’s iron sights ease of use, just an option suppose
zoom factor would be great otherwise I simply don’t use them

The way enemies spawn in at close range make sniper rifles pretty much unusable except as high damage single target weapons i.e. bossing weapons.

If you could target mobs from halfway across the map the Monocle would be everybody’s go-to weapon :grinning:


Defo I don’t even snipe bosses either there are better alternatives than snipers there just to slow in my opinion, like I use an iron sighted clairvoyance jakobs ar and that is a beast

ads sens does not scale logically , therefore high zoom weapon atleast on console is very hard to aim especially without using aim assist

i dont use any snipers. imo ads sniping in this game is a joke. all the zooms are to long and the wobble is absuurd even when crouched.

It’s like there is no aim assist tbh don’t think ud ever see anyone try solo slaughter shaft on m10 that’s 1 example using a sniper in the load out

Least it ain’t just me who sees this some snipers look sick but that’s all they are dunno unusualable trophy for your wall in sanctuary

So sniping in this game, defined as long-range, one-hit scoped kills (with a good dose of high vantage points and some stealth for some spice), doesn’t work, or it does and it’s just not your cup of tea?

Like are you trying to discourage readers from considering this combat style, or lamenting the reasons it doesn’t work for you?

I used snipers 70% of the time in BL2, either Pimpernels or Lyudas. Admittedly, a Lyuda is more like a high-powered AR than a sniper with it’s high fire rate and deep mag, but it’s also excellent for distance work.

Tried this approach in BL3 when the game arrived, and found I really didn’t like snipers in BL3. Enemies move more than in BL2 (much more like BL1), zooming was problematic, and other things made me push them aside. Though I do still pick up Lyudas for nostalgia’s sake.
I’ll use the Sand Hawk from time to time since it acts pretty much the way the Lyuda did in BL2, but not too often.

Doesn’t bother me though. Each game yields a different set of gear to be optimal, BL1 was SMG city, BL2 was Lyudas, BL3 is pistols and ARs for me. All works out in the end, maybe BL4 will make me a shotgun guy!

I favor the tricksplosion and wedding invitation. I fire from the hip alot. I feel snipers in this game have a ton of aim assist. I play on controller.

I’m terrible at hip firing snipers. Not great with any weapon (which is why I never played Sal much in BL2) but snipers are the worst for me. When I hip fire one I end up shooting in like a 45 degree cone of aim, many bullets going far away from the targets.

Some snipers are terrible from the hip. Hyperions are basically unusable due to recoil. Dahl snipers are more like assault rifles. The lyuda is somewhere in between. I always ads for the latter 2. Obviously, you would never hip fire a monocle.

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Using 1 myself not to good, but come up with a Digi-clone & sntl build that i really like so I can actually have my clone sniping no I’m not trying to put people off using them, I can now have a sniper in my load out perhaps a lil attention that’s all

Don’t have either of those i missed the event for that sniper and forgot were to get the other,
Seen on youtube how good they are