Sniping Build for UVHM

Hi guys,

I decided after much deliberation (and a thread) to take Zer0 through UVHM. I’m still in TVHM, and farming the Warrior for weapons and items.

What would be the best sniping build, weapons and items for starting UVHM?

Do you want to be a normal sniper (shots to the head) or use Pimpernels and whatnot? That will alter the build a little.

I can’t help too much with Zer0 (yet), but this is for those who can.

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boom, baby, boom

An at-level Pimp would be your best bet.

Slag, swap to appropriate element, crit. That’s the most functional way I’ve found to get through UVHM, sniping.

Most sniper rifles are useless in UVHM. But the ones that are, are devastating!

I actually evolved to a hybrid sniper build with a Roid shield.

Biggest issue was health regen. If I ran out of grenades, a simple Execute Rubi with Roid damage easily filled my health bar. So, I was a close/mid range sniper melee kinda guy. It worked perfectly for my play style. And I didn’t have to get frustrated with those Skeletors who were immune to every element :slight_smile:

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Yeah, exactly what @ACNAero said, just a standard sniper really.

Well, what little I can tell you, is that Mukamuks (or however they’re spelled, basically a Jakobs sniper with a Jakobs barrel) and Sniders (Maliwan sniper with Maliwan barrel) are your friends for standard sniping. I can take a crack at a build.

Without Grim

With Grim

Here’s my best guesses at a decent level 50 Sniping build (the points in Fearless and Unforeseen are just to get to Death Blossom, mess with those however you want). Feel free to scrutinize it as needed

For 50, I’d go with:

If you Element swap, you don’t need Grim. (what I mean is you don’t need Bee)

Crit Asc- if you can hit crits. If you can’t, you shouldn’t be playing sniper :smile:

Killer and Fast hands for your OSOK

AOWTG for… duh, hip fire and OSOK

If you hard scope longer, go for Kill Confirmed. I don’t.

Innervate because why not. It won’t health gate you but… why not.

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I didn’t have the bee in mind, I had survivability in mind. :P.

Apologies. I didn’t mean to imply you did. But that’s what most people use it for :slight_smile:

Either way, for my playing style, points are better used in other places. That’s at 50, because points are a little scarce compared to higher levels.

Question, why no Kunai? I know CA is essential to Sniping, but Kunai is an 80% multiplicative damage increase (according to anderson’s DDD Skill thread) with the chance for free slag. I figure at level 50, that would be more helpful than an CA, given the crap surrounding that skill’s usage.

Pure snipers should never be in range to be able to use kunai.

Though starting off as a pure sniper is hard, and Kunai help a lot, especially in tight spots.

CA is immensely powerful, but it’s not necessary IMO.

Just make sure you have a good BOTA and a good COM and just about any Sniper will be fine. :slight_smile:


I use Kunai with Roid Shields. I get too frustrated when I don’t have that roid bonus.

Besides, if you’re sniping, then you might not want to be close enough to kunai accurately anyway.

But then it goes back to if you want to build a sniper build… if not; if you wanted to be close and use Kunai and melee stuff… you could just use a shotgun and ignore the whole sniper setup.

If it were any other build, yes, Kunai is a must. It’s just that you don’t have enough points to go around at that level.

I wouldn’t go with Roid shields in a sniper build, there is just no synergy there. (It’s OK to like it, just not to recommend it :slight_smile: )

Zero can use deception to catch a break, so a solid Turtle shield should be a good match.

Maliwan Snipers are GREAT in UVHM, so are Vladof Droogs.

Unless your definition of pure sniping includes a sniper that acts like a shotgun and one that acts like an assault rifle :wink:

Pure sniping for me involves either a Hawkeye or a Buffalo.

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I’m thinking of plenty of maps where that’s not entirely possible, like Bloodshot Stronghold, the Steamplant, ect. A lot of enemies don’t spawn until you’re mid-to-close range, and that’s one of the issues I have when playing sniper Mordecai and sniper Aurelia. I’m sure there’s going to be similar issues with that in BL2, hence why Kunai may be important.

I guess we just let him choose which one he wants to go with :P.

I didn’t recommend it. He asked why I didn’t recommend Kunai :smile:

And it has no synergy the way you play. As I mentioned, with my play style, there is mucho synergy.

I didn’t recommend my synergy either :stuck_out_tongue:


Besides, a Skullmasher with AOWTG extra hip fire accuracy is on all of the time. You can pop a skag in the face while jumping backwards when they rush you.

There is no 15 second wait.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love kunai, it’s one of his greatest skills. It’s just that if you only have level 50 points and you want a pure sniper build, you gotta spend those points on stuff to make your Snipers more all-around functional. Gotta trust your sniper rifle.

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Yeah, that’s much better explained :smile:

I guess if nothing else take Death Mark as an “Oh sh*t!” for when an armored psycho or rabid animal charges you.


Oh, I’d totally get Kunai, but at level 50, I think AOWTG is a more solid pick, and you can’t have both…

Once you can thought, you need both.

Melee sniper is possible with at one with the gun.
All bladed snipers:
Longbow fire
Skullmasher non elem
Chere amie slag and for healing with chain lightning
Pimpernal corrosive and shock
No ads just fire from the hip.


I’ve found Death Mark to be useful if getting swarmed by melee attackers that put Zero into FFL- hitting them with a Death Mark and then shooting them has saved me more often than having the 1 extra point in Innervate- just my :two: cents…

Thanks for the replies guys, I find all of the input helpful :slight_smile: