Sniping Incursion Sentry from base camp [UPDATED][ULTRA UPDATED]

Then isic has don his job and stoped him from sniping the sentry if he forces you to stop shotting the sentry it gives it time for its shields to regain

“He can either continue sniping the sentry because it’s large in size, or he can shoot someone else.”

If ISIC is sitting there shielding trying to counter Marquis he might stop Marquis from sniping the sentry or himself, but that’s unlikely. Even so, if ISIC wants to actually do something while sitting up there he’s going to need to make himself a large enough target to get shot at by the rest of the team instead of Marquis alone, which will push him away from the counter-Marquis-cheese role and open Marquis up to shooting the sentry.

Isic’s main job is to tank and take dmg his ward is big enough to stop marquis from sniping the sentry i have checked in beta and earlier today and even i have cheesed the sentry with marquis so i know. What person again is his right mind would shoot isic with wards up again he can block dmg with energy aegis like no sane pvper would stop to try killing a tank especially if there 1 or more support behind it. You right he can try to continue to snipe the sentry or shoot else were ether way isic will still get his job done and buy the sentry time.

As a Thorn user:
The enemy team has a Marquis, and he’s NOT shooting at me? Sign me up.

You guys don’t understand that Marquis is one of the biggest damage dealers in the game, if he’s not attacking your players, his team is at a huge disadvantage AND he isn’t gaining levels. Just keep pressure on his teammates and he will lose with the MarCheese strategy.

His team is at a disadvantage when he’s dealing with the objective alone, and can then shoot players?

This isn’t a “Legit tactic” it’s a map design flaw. The line of sight shouldn’t be there from the safety of the base to the first objective.

Everyone claiming that the team doing this is “down a player” and therefore more vulnerable is wrong for one reason: The sentries.

For the team without Marq sitting in the back, they have to push a wave of minions up into the enemy’s sentry, past their turrets they’ve purchased, and into their fire zone. Then they have to get enough damage on the turret (which is going to fire at them) and get the shields to drop…

They have to do this into enemies who know they don’t have to engage away from their sentry, they’re holding a defensive position with only a few approaches, and they don’t have to advance at all because they know their one player is constantly damaging the objective.

They don’t have to try to advance, they just have to sit and get a reset on their tank’s shields every once in a while (you know, like in between waves)

Could they man an effective push, moving from a defensive position into a more aggressive one? Not very effectively, but they don’t have to. They just have to wait for the first sentry to go down, and now they’ve got the lead, which means they can continue to turtle if they would like, or if they want to start pushing, they now have overshields pulsing on their minions.

Even if all Marquee does is get through the shields one time, and hit the Sentry enough to do one point of damage, if they can keep the shields up on their Sentry while turtling, they win. I’ve had plenty of games that came down to a point or two in a stalemate, because of how tanky players are, and because of how defensible their Sentries are.

It’s simple to fix this, stick something (anything) off of the structure in the middle out to where it stops the direct line of sight.

I seriously doubt anyone would intentionally design a map to allow the objective to simply be to force a stalemate while one player sits in absolute safety and pings away at the objective.


All I know is that I prefer when someone is MarCheesing on the other team. Makes every fight a 4v5 and let’s my team snowball more.
Decent-Average play will beat that strategy every time.

Marquis is not the only one who can do this though toby can thorn can whiskey foxtrot can all from the sniper next or base i am sure gearbox would have done something by now if it was not legit this was always present during beta

We brought this up in the beta. I thought they were going to do something about it.

My guess would be it was just too little time to find suitable solution for this. At least i’m hoping for that myself. And that it will be addressed in near future…

Likely the case. To my limited understanding on games development, editing environments typically isn’t that easy…there could be a sort of “if character x is y distance from [sentry], then 0 damage is dealt” modifier, however, again I’ll point to my limited knowledge. These are only guesses.

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They have much slower fire rates or reload. By the time they have fired one shot the sentries shield has already started recharging before they fire the next.

It may be a tactic but its a crappy one and does nothing but ruin the game. Not to mention the fact Marquis can fire at the sentry even though from the other side you cant even see him over the ledge.

Too much to read here. Gonna be lazy and just hop in mid discussion and probably repeat points that are have already been repeated multiple times.

This is not a legit tactic. It’s exploiting a small window of POV to take out a Sentry risk free. Literally had a Marquis do this (on my own team) and after the Sentry was down he could not even get a kill. It requires no skill and there is no chance any developer intended this.

You can’t be serious asking a Toby or Isic to be there just to block this cheap tactic? What about the teams without them? Montana? Same deal. You’re asking a player to sacrifice his match to play bullet wall and even IF you do that, your team is fighting 4v5’s for the match due to your 5th pretending to be a wall.


I think it’s alright if the player is at least forced to stand in the open on the platform. You can at least counter him there.

The issue I’m seeing is that Marquis is able to ‘head-glitch’ by standing in a certain spot on the stairs, which covers him almost entirely (expect for his head IE: ‘head-glitch’) ergo making him very hard to counter, especially when the enemy team is decent enough to keep you from pushing in and getting him out of that spot.

There’s also the issue that if he’s getting consistent damage on the sentry it can throw the team off and they rush back to it trying to figure out where it’s being shot from (when they don’t know about this exploit) thus giving the enemy team a chance to push.

If a player is going to solo kill the sentry then I feel that he should have to take a risk doing it. Sitting in a spot that covers everything but your head (which can only be seen from the other sniper perch, unless you push into the enemies side) just doesn’t seem like a balanced strategy imo.

Maybe they could devise some way to force him to HAVE to stand on the platform, or at least further up the stairs to attack the sentry. That way the enemy team can at least see him for the most part, not just his tiny little head poking out from just behind the ledge, (which again can only be seen by standing on the other sniper perch, from what I’ve been able to tell.)

Some ppl seem to forget that “countering“ this tactic requires communication, experience ( low lvl players wont even know whats going on) and the fact that u can not counterpick in the pick phase in normal games. The enemy on the other hand can just pick a sniping char and it requires almost 0 backup from his team.

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They stated in the blog/news section a fix will be in the next big update…be patient.


Thanks for the update :]
I’ll update the post so others can be more informed if they find this post.

Actually, I can’t find the post you’re referring to. Can you link me so I can source it at the top of this topic?

I want to hand Oscar Mike justice down upon those who abuse this tactic… It’s just disgusting, don’t people crave a challenge when playing or do they just like succeeding on both unfair and cheap tactics. I’ts becoming harder and harder to play now because more and more people are realizing what a superior tactic it is to abuse over everyone else. The head glitch on the stairs could easily be fixed by repositioning the stairs on the more lateral side near the sentry, thus if he aimed his gun he would have to aim it up the staris which would put his gun uselessly pointed into the sky, requring him to move further up the steps to see anyone.

No prob

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