Sniping sucks in BL3? Sniper Builds for Fl4k, Zane, Amara & Moze for M4

If you have any Builds please leave them in this topic. I definitely want to use only Snipers (so please leave Builds that only use Snipers). Since I tried Mayhem 4, no Sniper Build works, except for Moze with infinite bullets on Lyuda. In previous games, on all the characters you could play on the hardest difficulty using only Snipers, even if some were not as strong as other characters (especially BL1 = Mordecai, BL2 = Zer0 and BL-TPS = Aurelia). And after you, who do you think is the best character for Snipers? Sorry for my bad English!


I “can” snipe but nearly all sniper rifles suc skagballs. I mean if I fully charge an epic Maliwan sniper I should be able to one shot a Maliwan Heavy with a nice crit to head/ball.

I think all characters should be able to use snipers with maybe Moze/Fl4k being best. However Amara should be popping heads with Maliwan snipers and full elemental tree.

Oh how I long for the days of BL1 and BL2 where you didn’t need to use a Jakobs to one shot kill.

PS the Lyuda is a flippin’ long barrel assault that uses sniper ammo

Edit: thanks for this post I’m definitely going to start sniper shopping and test some stuff out.


The monocle is pretty good, but I hate the super zoom on it. It’s only really comfortable in certain situations, otherwise, I tend to lose things off the scope too quickly. I’m not the best sniper, but I agree that there aren’t really any guns that make me want to run with them.


yeah even the jakobs’ snipers don’t realy feel that powerfull as they did in BL2 :frowning:

a shame, i loved snipers in BL2! had one on every character just because (thinning out the herd)

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While I can’t give actual builds as I’m not that much of a sniper player, here are still my two cents:

In non-Mayhem TVHM snipers can be really powerful because enemies don’t have a lot of HP – that’s obvious but most of all this synergises really well with the Overkill guardian reward which allows you to quickly build up a ton of excess damage by repeated crit-killing. In Mayhem 4, Overkill is much less useful because enemies have so much health.

Here, you’ll want to get as many crit/damage/elemental bonuses as you can. You’ll want +50% bonus elemental damage anointments after skill end on your shield and grenade; also on your sniper rifle if it doesn’t have a better one like +100% (or even more) gun damage. The latter is better mostly because it also multiplies the elemental bonuses from shield and grenade. And you should look out for gun/crit bonuses from class mods.

Moze: Bottomless Mags allows you to use fast-firing snipers like Dahl/Vladof like assault rifles. The only VH that can use a Lyuda as their main weapon. Crit bonus from Scorching RPM’s and fire bonuses in that tree also help. Generally, she’s good at rapid-fire sniping instead of single shots.

FL4K: Has quite a few crit bonuses in the Hunter tree, but most important is probably Fade Away. Beware that Guerrillas in the Mist reduces the damage bonus considerably (from 200% to 25%), that’s great for fast-firing weapons but not for Jakobs snipers. You’ll want Unblinking Eye because on the third shot on the same enemy it increases damage by 425% without Guerrillas and by 250% with. Forget the Monocle though: Fade Away ignores crit bonuses, its damage bonus is entirely based on gun damage. Thus, you’ll want to use a Jakobs sniper with a ton of gun damage, not one with a big crit bonus.

Amara: actually pretty good with sniper rifles once you get one with +250% damage after Phasecast or +300% after Phaseslam (Phasecast is arguably better for sniper players). Alternatively, especially for mobbing, Ties that Bind is your friend because damage to all linked targets is based on the damage you deal to the one you hit. This scales with crits. With a few elemental bonuses (especially from Tempest), the linked targets may suffer even more damage than the one you hit, even on crits.

Again, I’m not really a sniper player and there may be pro sniper players who have much more to say on this.


Snipers in BL3 simply can’t put ammo down range fast enough to be useful in M4. They are don’t carry enough ammo, are too slow to reload, and don’t do enough damage, and that’s for pretty much all snipers in the game.

They just don’t scale like the other weapons do. At Normal difficulty with no Mayhem snipers are really good. Not OP, but not weak either. They’re a viable weapon for any encounter except bosses (Lyuda doesn’t count here). But in Mayhem 4, you can take out 2, maybe 3 enemies before you have to spend more than a second reloading. In a mob that’s just not possible, you’re going to be overwhelmed and fast.

In almost every situation where I would normally want to use a sniper I’ve found a scoped pistol that can almost match the accuracy and damage per shot, fires faster, carries more ammo, and reloads faster.


I’ve been using an Epic Proton sniper with Amara and while it doesn’t do one-shot kills it does a fair amount of elemental damage to most things. It’s also not bad at close range as when no-scoped it fires like a single-shot AR.

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I don’t use sniper rifle’s often, but I’ve tried out some in M4. Imo, sniper rifles, Lyuda being an exception, are better suited for mobbing than bosses. Its sustain DPS is limited by fire rate and mostly, ammo pool. It’s not impossible to boss with them. It’s just not as efficient as other weapons.

I think any character can snipe. There’s really no character where you’re forced to play sniper. My advice: get gear that benefits sniper rifles. Get a class mod that gives +45% manufacturer weapon critical damage, +31% sniper rifle damage, and etc… It’s easier for Maliwan and Vladof sniper rifles, because you can work with +18% weapon critical damage. Get the “Overkill” perk in Guardian Ranks. Get anointments that synergize. I have a Monocle with gain 50% weapon damage, when enemy is below 25% health and combine that with Overkill, you can one shot badasses.

If I had to recommend a character a character to a new player, it’d be FL4K, because of Ambush Predator skill and DE4DEYE class mod (deal 35% increased damage to enemies above 75% health).

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Especially the Jakobs snipers. Without any other bonuses, in BL2 they did a whopping 520% damage on crits. In BL3 it’s 264%, so just half of that.


Compared to zero flak feels like a really bad sniper class


If you find any good combination please post it in this topic, because I am very interested. know Lyuda is very good, but for mobbing he consumes too many bullets.

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Can you make the Monocle work on the M4? If so please tell me how, because I can’t (with Fl4k, at least for me, it takes me about 4/5 headshots to kill a psycho for example, think of a Badass many more headshots).

Thank you very much! I will try to use your advice.

Where can I find that Epic Proton Sniper?

It’s a world drop. You’ll find one once in a while. I don’t think there’s a specific place for farming it.

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I know I’m not forced to use only Snipesr, but in Borderlands 1, 2 and TPS I used only Snipers, and now I’m looking for a Sniper Build that works in Borderlands 3. Thanks for your advice! I’ll try it.

Challenge accepted…


Now with the new Class Mod St4kBot is getting closer to Zer0’s Critical Ascension skill.

Can you give me a picture to see what it looks like?

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