Sniping sucks in BL3? Sniper Builds for Fl4k, Zane, Amara & Moze for M4

You need to find legendary snipers like FIRESTORM, which can work really well on M4.

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Ok my conclusion so far: They suck really bad compared to BL2, and most good non-sniper M4 weapons.

I went to the Trial Cunning on M4. I used only the weapons and loadout below (As they were the ones I had with Sniper buffs.) I used a melee bullet refill (painful) instead of the Ammo machine - for fair testing. I used no grenades for a true baseline. I got to the second area, and ran out of time. Yes I could kill things but probably 400%+ slower than my main loadout.

Anointed enemies are a total pain with just these snipers (which have quite good stats compared to many others.)


Really? Firestorm? I tried that Sniper on the M4 and it just doesn’t work (for me). If you have any proof or if you can give me the build to try to see if it really works I would be amazed

I’m now going to try it with my Lyuda sniper rifles just for fun really…

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I had the same result (even though I didn’t use the same Build as yours). The idea is that you kill the enemies too hard and you run out of bullets

Yeah I am not expecting a miraculous difference…

Will update.

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basically we can say that you have finished your challenge

I found a monocle yesterday, which felt lucky after i googled it’s properties. That is a gun that makes sniping feel different to the other sniper rifles iv’e tried; from a much longer distance away and requiring headshots. Honestly, when i had the chance to use it, it seemed really strong. On M2 i was 1 hit KOing all normal enemies and annointed took only about 4 or 5 headshots to kill. It was much faster and safer to defeat annointed with compared to my other legendaries, until an annointed fanatic did some sort of non-projectile area explosion attack from about 200 metres away, which instantly put me into FFYL from full health and shields.

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Not quite, as I’d like to complete proving grounds M4 Sniper only, without throwing grenades.

Just used the following with the COM I posted above, used ammo refill exclusively as artefact swaping was a pain (I just need one with a sniper buff).

All close and personal. Very little use of scope. Got halfway through round 3 and the timer went…


Just throwing it out there I’ve never heard of a sniper that didn’t have a side arm.

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3 enemies left in 3rd round this time… Getting closer…

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I know… but just for the sheer challenge. No thrown grenades. No other weapons. Makes Proving Grounds fun for a while…


Probably funner than obsessing over time challenges.

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It’s also very good sniper training…

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Ok I completed Trial of Cunning M4 with just Lyuda snipers in my loadout, and throwing no grenades. :sunglasses:

I used a different class mod and a swapping combo of the following Cutpurse and the ESRB artefact shown below. Ideally if you had a cutpurse with AOED + Magazine size you would not need to swap. I did not die although there were close FFYL moments.

I have also posted the anointment I used on my shield and grenade mod.

In less than 4 hours I went from not being able to get past round two, to having 9 minutes spare to fight the boss. Good training ground…

Some of that difference depended on the anointed spawns, and that I got a 30% buff for snipers in Mayhem as pictured.

But the AOED does help a lot.

Clearly these are the best snipers in the game that I have used, and with a Cutpurse they are quite a useful addition to one’s overall loadout.

Having said that their DPS is a little low for dealing with multiple anointed - and it would be nice for Sniper Rifles in general to get a DPS boast to match other weapon types.


when i said only snipers, i was referring to use only the type of weapon that is sniper, otherwise if the grenades help you in your sniper build, there is no problem

Good Job! If you want you can also post pictures with the Build?

I am using this build, as it provides good survival in M4 slaughter shaft - where I have spent far too many hours- I have a life as well.

But I think I might move over to a Fade Away build soon as I really enjoyed the sniper action with the Cutpurse - even with no fade away skills…

I will link the topic that lead me to choosing the Gamma build and there are some really good builds linked…

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Yeah the no grenades or other weapons was just a personal challenge to force me to get better at sniper play…

I’ve had a great evening!


Before Guardian Ranks broke, I played with snipers a lot. Since they fixed them, I’ve been playing around with some of my old sniper builds again, mostly on Fl4k and Amara. Two things - as mentioned earlier in the thread, overkill damage is critical to make them work, provided you’re not using something like Lyuda.

On Fl4k, I use a monocle for when fade away is on cooldown and a muckamuck for fade away/when enemies are too close/moving around too much. I’m still farming for an anointed re-router, as that shield actually makes a difference for setting up overkill chains. I use a Bekah or Maggie to get fade away cooldown back when I need it (via megavore).

On Amara, I either run a variation on Derch’s Sheriff build, or drop ties that bind for phaseslam or phasecast, depending on the weapon anointment I’m using. Ties that Bind procs really insane multi-million damage Remnant orbs though.

Both builds work well for regular M4 mobbing, and can clear COV areas without much trouble, only occasionally having to swap to a higher dps lower damage per shot weapon when an enemy either is immune to crits or is somehow situated in a way that makes critting difficult or impossible (ie, phasegrasped through the roof).

However, as much as I have fun playing them, rocket launchers really blow sniper rifles away, pun possibly intended. Especially the new DLC launchers, with their high damage and ammo efficiency, accomplish much more with overkill builds than any sniper I’ve found. I’m not just talking about Ion cannon either - using the same set up on Fl4k as when I run sniper rifles, I regularly hit 1-4 million damage with an anointed Nukem, one shotting groups of badasses.

Given the disparity, I certainly hope that in the future hope we get a stronger Jakob’s legendary sniper.