Sniping tips for console players

I know how to snipe I have a few things I look out for to help sniping eg. Handling insanely important for console this is a console mainly thred as pc is pretty much easy mode looking for peoples little tips and tricks that might help others

I could do with some tips. Because of how fast the combat is, I struggle to ever use sniper rifles. If the enemy isn’t standing still, I miss half my shots so end up just opting for other weapon types.

Well, the very generous aim assist on snipers doesnt hurt either.

I turn that off plus I turn off the snap setting too I am glad they are there for disabled people or people that want to play for fun or that need help but for my own game nothing else I hate them they just make me feel off if that makes sense

Try the handling stat on pc it’s mostly useless as keyboard and mouse are almost like aimbot lol j/ks but on console the less weapon sway the easier it is to aim

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Also btw I am not the best console sniper ever I’m more the just some bloke sniper lol but I love to snipe so ask if you want more assistance I put this post up that maybe you get some weird tips we don’t know about lol

I’d suggest looking for Vladof or Dahl snipers with a manageable fire rate and good accuracy.

Vladof ones with the highest damage and lowest fire rate are best for this, while Dahl snipers can have burst fire or semi auto, making them very forgivable when it comes to missed shots.

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Thanks for the help tbh I want all legendaries in game nerfed and all weapon types including those legendaries buffed to the same point those legendaries where nerfed too