Snowball`s Chance in heck seem to be bugged

I struggle alot with t he Challange Snowball`s Chance in heck.

I have done the instance 10 times now, with pure cryo weapons. Still i have only 8 kills atm. I have tried alot of different cryo weapons by now. But nothing seem to work. Every now and then, i can get 1 kill in a whole instance. Im using cryo granades, mocking Devoted in cryo, Artic night hawking etc, just to name a few.


night hawkin does fire damage in heck since it’s always night there


That i had considered for now. But the Mocking, with 213% cryo should not be the case. Ive done 2 runs now with that weapon. Got 1 kill in both runs. So im not sure what im doing wrong atm

I used these items to get it.

Dont have the Lucian`s call, But im going to try with the Cross roads now, with cryo. See if that works.

But i start to suspect this might be a Amara problem. She can add so much other elements, that messes up the pure cryo part. I dont have the conflux either. that puts on random elements.

Been looking at different skills to now, but i dont have any thing, that puts different elements either. But there is the one skill “Tempest” that might ruin it for me. It has 20% to add shock dmg.

I dont have


if you play with amara the elemental build to add extra shock/fire/corrosive you need to disable those skills, as long as i had those active i didnt get as well any kills for the challenge.

I was using Moze and not getting any cryo kills despite using a Cryo gun.

I respecced to get rid of the skills that add Incendiary and magically I started getting cryo kills

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My experience is similar. Although I have gotten a fair couple of kills towards the challenge in the sole run I did so far, I frequently checked the challenge progress, and only about 1/3 to 1/2 of my cryo kills were counted (I used a cryo Westergun, although I did have a teeny bit of added fire damage from a skill, so I don’t know if that screws up the application of elemental damage somehow).

I suspect its the Tempest atm. Il test if that works, and change the build. Its the only thing that can mess this up. I dont hav conflux or any other status effects. But it sux, if its only that messing things up.

The challange is abit stupid, if i use a cryo weapon, and i still dont get the kill, because of tallents. This should be changed.


Tempest has nothing to do with added element. If you are playing Amara try Cryo Stone artifact, I did this challenge in about 3-4 runs.

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I added the cryo stone now. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Both Infusion and Forceful Expression are getting in your way.

Also, just some advice about those two skills FE has all the advantages of Infusion without the disadvantages. Furthermore, those advantages don’t stack so you may want to put those Infusions points on another skill on the tree. I’d recommend Steady hands.


Oh and I’ve heard that Ties that Bind also gets in the way because the linked damage apparently counts as non-elemental.

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I got 20 kills on this run… But i faced another problem now, pure cryo dmg on Amara is ■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue: Hardly kill anything. And my weapon had a chance to put on radiation. So that screwed me over now… but sure… it works atleast now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it was a pain for me too because of both shields and ghosts being resistant to cryo.

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Yeah, thats why its a challenge. The enemies seem super vulnerable to fire.

Managed to do this within 7 runs…but that was mainly using the Arctic Hex AR.

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I noticed toward the end. Last 15 or 20 iirc. It only moved the counter up when I killed badass haunted (red aura) enemies.

I think the issue is you have other damage types being applied either by the weapon you are using or character skills that is actually dealing the final damage killing the enemy. It took a number of runs on Moze to get that because shots would randomly be incendiary and cause a DoT.

If you are Moze, spec out of all bonus fire damage and splash damage skills, I had to completely respec to complete the challenge.

Edit: Just realized you are playing amara. Spec out of anything that adds damage of a different element. I had the same issue with Moze

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It is kind of buged. After trying a few weapons, I stuck with the cryo Infinity and once every 4-5 kills would register as a cryo kill. Long schlep but it worked eventyally.