Snowball`s Chance in heck seem to be bugged

i use a cryo shredifier and did it in 3 runs in heck hole.

Yeah I play a healing Rakk Fl4k as my main and the fire damage from the rakks got the kill. So I removed the extra Rakk charge and switched it to cryo rakks. Fortunately for Fl4k that is just a skill augment change so it doesn’t require a respec.

However some Amara and Moze players ended up needing to respec to take away their additional elements, so they’d have a decent chance at cryo kills. However as it is a challenge it makes sense that we may need to alter our builds to get it.

On a side note: The downside on Fl4k though is they can not pull their pet out of battle or command it to stay. So the darn critter does plenty of killing and can’t be specced for cryo afaik. However one of the new terror annointments does add fire damage to the pet’s attacks…I need to get a better gun with it. Lol

Just use a cryo laser sploder. The constant cryo can usually lead to more kills, but the reason getting kills can be so hard is due to the ghost’s high resistances.

I used a cryo MIRV Hex to do this challenge. I suspect any high-damage cryo grenade mod (like Whispering Ice) will do.

You have to let them get frozen solid and then kill them

No you don’t, I one-punched most of them with Amara and completed the challenge in 3 runs.

I did it the first time…I didn’t even know there was another way to do it…

i used the cryo gunnerang

I got cryo Shredifier and Lasersploser to try out and see. Should be easy

Works great with cryo crossroads, because it also only counts if they get frozen, simply killing them with a cryo weapon doesn’t seem to count.

cryo helix here with my Amara.

To be honest, I was nailing about 1 in 5 as a cryo kill…

took me a few runs to do.

I just dropped mine to normal mode no modifiers and ran a cryo Lucians on amara and got it in 4 runs I believe. Piece of cake, everything melted. Didn’t feel like forcing it and getting frustrated with a non cryo optimized build in mayhem 3.

The cryo Queens Call just got me 18 “snowballs chance in heck” kills in one run. The key is the crit hits because it causes a secondary set of cryo rounds to reflect off and back to the target u hit.

If you are using Amara, do not have any points in “Infusion”
That will interfere with your Cryo weapon.

While Amara, I used a COV pistol that had very high efficiency. The Retch are the best as they freeze fast, and there are several Retch in that stretch in the caves.

Good luck

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I had pretty good luck with an ice fearmonger I believe. And normal cryo guns. And I’m pretty certain my Amara skills were interfering too. But I just kept with it because I didn’t feel like changing my build for the challenge. My build is very strong. :slight_smile: