Snowballing not as prevalent

With the new update I’ve seen matches are harder fought now. Even when we take a sentry it isn’t auto game over for the other team. Many of my latest matches have come down to timer wins with us on the defensive. Anyone else notice how much funner pvp is now?


Actually. Yeah now that you mention it. I went 2-2 today and both surrenders were basically just a loss anyway. Teams stayed in the heat of the game far longer then they used to which was amazingly good even if I lost the map, least I could count that my team would stick it out and try.

Dunno What Gearbox did but good on em for doing it.


Shepard minions. They spawn for both teams every 4th wave now. This gives even the loosing team a bit of push potential , combine that with crusher thralls which can instagib minions every 7 seconds the push potential becomes real also mid thralls contesting became really important as their mortars can bring down a sentries shield really fast.


Huh…I though I noticed is getting the shepard miniond but I was playing support so I was pre occupied to actually look at the sentry tally. I just asumed we got theirs and then they got ours…boy I was oblivious today apparently. :acmbotman:

You mean there’s no infinite shepards with sentry kills, but waves are even on both sides? Yeah, that would be a game changer. Losing a sentry and turrets is one thing, but damn near doubling the effective health of enemy minions and adding a pretty tanky one is pretty harsh.