Snowball's chance in Heck round 2

This is the second time it has come around, and I think they seriously ought to have rethought this challenge. Playing on Moze or Amara, you literally have to respec in order to get this to work because of all your additional sources of damage.

Agreed. It’s dumb how fat out of my way I have to go to get this. I never even got it last time because of the same BS.

Or if you aren’t too proud you can just drop levels/turn off mayhem mode and go in with a strong gun that is cryo base like the Clairvoyance or Cryo elemental monarch/light show and just wreck the mobs without using your action skill. That’s what I did tonight with Moze.


Still requires me to respec out of FitSD, which is the issue. I can respec and clear it at M10, but it should not be a requirement for half of the classes, to enjoy the game.

For Moze you can use dual Mini-Gun with General Winter augments and just rack up the kills with Iron Bear for an easy way to do the challenge without respec.


That is hugely useful! Thanks so much :smile:

I just use a cryo flipper on my splash damage Moze after just 6 runs I have already racked up 35 kills without respecing 20 of which were on mayhem 10 but I when back on mayhem 1 after 4 runs just to finish event quickly. Extra note the drop rate for event gear is woeful, 3 runs nothing, 4th I did get 2 stalkers and a ghast call, none had good anoits.

I imagine not since the Ghast Call does not come anointed at all.

I never even noticed that til now I only put it on for the challenge of 3 pieces of gear tho the stalkers are really bad, even using a mayhem 10 to kill haunt of mayhem 1 felt so underpowered

I thought the same with my Amara, but decided I wasn’t respecing her or Moze, so reconciled myself to probably not getting the weapon skin this year. But I use a Clairvoyance with 300/90 as my main for Amara, and I actually got that one during my 5th run. So it is doable without respecing her. We’ll see with Moze, but I’ll probably use the trick mentioned above of switching to iron bears cryo mini guns.

I didn’t respec my Amara, and used an Arctic Trained Kaos with 200% increased damage when action skill active.

Phasezerker build, M10.

Got it in about 6-7 runs (not sure).

I’m just gonna use cryo miniguns on Moze as much as possible and see how quickly that gets me there.

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This was going to be my method as I do not feel like respecing out of FitS. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.