Snowball's Chance in Heck

So, I have a couple question about one of the Bloody Harvest Challenges: Right now I’m showing that I’ve killed 7/100 haunted enemies (in the Heck Hole) with Cryo Damage. Thing is, I’ve killed way more than that. What counts as a cryo kill? Does a frozen enemy that my skag atracks no longer count as a cryo kill? Im currently playing FL4K, with Whispering Ice grenade, and a terror annointed cryo binary compressing shockwave Maliwan shotgun. I’ve done it the right way 7 times and I can’t figure out what I did right. Lol. :grin:


If you’re using the arctic hawkin - it does incendiary damage at night and in Heck Hole it’s always night. I didn’t realise this until someone told me so I bought a green cryo pistol from a machine and used that. Got it completed within two runs.


It only counts the kills down by Haunt.

That’s the heck hole area.


No it’s any enemy in the heck map with a ghost inside them. Hey need to die to cryo so make sure your pet or a grenade that isn’t cryo isn’t taking you’re kill. I used a random Maliwan pistol and built around it.


I haven’t tried the arctic hawkin yet. But, thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that either!

Yeah after doing ten runs I was so confused. I watch a bunch of streamers though and someone in killersix’s chat informed me that it does that.

Good luck though ^^


Maybe your pets stealing kills with elemental attacks?

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I’m on fade away with great horned skag.It doesn’t seem like he’s doing any elemental attacks, but I do think the issue has something to do with my set up. Im going to try cryo rakk attack and no pet and see if that works better.

I’m playing amara and am very frustrated with this. I’m only using a cryo weapon in the heck hole to get this achievement and almost none of the kills are counting. Does the kill count if its a cryo gun or does the cryo effect have to kill the enemy? I’m wondering if, being amara, my other elemental effects are finishing them off. Sometimes it doesn’t seem so like they’re only affected by cryo and yet i still don’t get the kill to count…is there a glitch?

I’m unsure about amara, but with fl4k I had to respec my trees, only use cryo rakk attack/ cryo weapons and not have any pets present. I’m pretty sure that my pets were the cause of missing certain cryo kill counts. I just farmed with that set up and I’ve been able to get my 100 kills. (Yay😁) So, it may be something elemental. One thing I’m still unsure about is if you melee kill a frozen target, if that no longer counts as cryo.

I just finished that challenge with Amara. I changed my spec because I had Infusion and Forceful Expression. You can also just save quit and farm the zone if you want.

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Good post, I’ve been puzzled by that also. Made the run 3 times so far, with my Cryo Helix as main and have only 40 cryo kills

I’m playing as Amara, and think her elementals might have the last say.

I think the ratch are a simple win because they are dead so quickly.


Might have to respec if you’re heavy elemental. I know as Moze, too many of my kills are coming from fire DoTs and explosions, even when I use straight cryo weapons and grenades.

I’m using moze and almost none of my kills are working, however I may know why. Hawkin was my first attempt and cryo hex mirv was my second. I forgot about moze dealing incindiery damage when I use critical hits. Also when did we stop using the term AoE? It confuses me after all my head trauma from facedesk. update; body shots with a vladof AR registered for the challenge

Turn off forceful expression infusion or conflux

For everyone I found the Shredifier and a purple Cryo Dahl submachine gune to work best, on every run I focused on rakks and ratch that we’re haunter as they die quick from bullet damage. I was done within 5-6 runs

The only kills that count for me are when they die frozen as a block of ice. The ArcticHawken often crits them so hard they are one shotted, do not freeze, and therefore do not count as a cryo kills. I’m having to drag other weapons in to insure both that the enemy freeze, and die while frozen. Because if they thaw before they die they do not count as dying from cryo. This is my experience so far.

I had thought it was only after jumping into “the hole” but the entire area if you check the map is “Heck Hole”, literal, that entire map is named “Heck Hole”. There is no sub area of the map best I can tell.

I hope this provides some clarification that proves useful to others.