Snowblind with Clappy!

Oh my god im having SO much fun playing as an Explosive / FFYL extended Clappy with SWAB/OLT Too Scoops / Flakker / Homing Bonus Package!

Avalanche shield, arctic strafing run Oz Kit for the reload / firing mode boost, SHBP grenades, Too Scoops, Flakker.

When Funzerker mode kicks into gear with the Too Scoops, with all those extra projectiles, tossing out Bonus Packages and Flakker vlouds…OMG…causes Frame Rate problems sometimes!

Just ice and snow EVERYWHERE!

Everything just shatters.

Inagine an Explosive Cryo Clappy Servanted to a Cryo Aurelia!

Holy cow!

I see you discovered Too Scoops and start with a bang :smiley: yep, the synergy is real, what an amazing gun. Playing with that stuff could be a minigame in it’s own right. And thanks for mentioning the strafing run oz kit, it never occured to me!

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Not a clappy player here, but both my at cap characters always have the Too Scoops equiped. Really like this item.

Do you pick your words exactly so I can reference stuff?


Yup, agreed.


That very song was what inspired the topic title!

Off Volume 4, my fave Sabbath album.

System of a Down does an awesome cover of it, as well.