Snowdrift Slide Speed

Hello everyone. I was wondering what other people think about the Snowdrift effect. I have had 3 purple relics with snowdrift drop and I feel as if they are irreplaceable other than if you get one with better stats. I have had other relics drop that sound fun…but losing the move speed from snowdrift makes it completely not worth it to me. I pretty much feel required to have this effect equiped ever since I first got one. I have only seen this effect on these purple relics myself and would like to see something similar on others. I am probably just being too picky…but it is incredibly hard to let go of the movement speed to try anything else.

I think working a slide movement bonus into more relics or maybe some other movement bonuses like launching you in the air or something under certain effects would be cool. I have a lot of slam relics that sound epic…but going out of my way to find something to jump off of to slam and hoping an enemy is nearby is pretty impractical.

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Actually had an idea on the slam mechanic…why not allow your character to jump high enough after a slide to slam from it? Something that doesn’t require only slamming off the environment that you could actually work with more. I have gone on a tangent here with two different things. Just some ideas to improve movement in the game.

The snowdrift is on legendaries. Keep searching friend. Go for the speed.

Vanquisher + Snowdrift artifact = slide everywhere super fast

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So is it possible to get the slide boost and another main boost as well? Was starting to feel that Snowdrift was its own main thing with the 3 purples so far.

I use one most of the time, except when I’m farming easy bosses, then I switch to Loaded Dice for the better drop rates. Having double movement speed is invaluable in a game with maps as large as Borderlands.

i had a green one the bonus stats was ok but the slide speed was way up it was pretty good.

Dude, there is a snowdrift loaded dice. Good luck with this information. I have yet to get one, but I am farming my butt off for one.

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I have yet to see this loaded dice relic myself. Can snowdrift spawn on other legendary relics as well or are the dice the only ones people have seen it on?

Snowdrift is a prefix based ability afaik, so it should be able to spawn on any relic as a prefix.