Snowshoe & Stop Gap

LF Frozen Snowshoe or Stop Gap with the anoint -
on action skill start activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill.

Psn - KnownMac

I have lots of stuff to trade so just ask :+1:t2:

Dude I got you, I have 2 stop gap that I just sent you.

Thanks that’s great :+1:t2:

Do you have cutpurse/Snowdrift/ice breaker/flesh Melter Loaded dice with
Health Regen
50 mag size
No shield cap and max health.

I’ll have a check when I’m on later @kenet_550111 :+1:t2:

No rush and finger cross you have it.

Cutpurse loaded dice with 50 mag and health Regen and no shield cap and max health will be awesome.
Either way, send me FR
PSN kenet888
Will send you the shoe next day.
Going to bed.

@kenet_550111 Sorry mate I’ve not got one but I’ll keep my eye out with trades and if I come across one I’ll trade it and send it over. Or if It drops for me in game :+1:t2:

Np. Sent

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