SNTL Cryo anointment: is it rare?

Just curious if this anointment is more rare than other anointments or if I’m just experiencing the run of the mill RNG crapshoot that is anointment farming in this game. I have only found 1 weapon with this anointment and that even includes purples. Seems strange but maybe not too surprising with so many bad anointments in the game.

So is this typical anointment RNG or is this particular anointment harder to find?

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Sadly it’s mostly bad rng
I’ve gotten tons of them spanning rarity
Rng is a fickle deity
Got a CH x8 monarch first run as flak
Have farmed handsome Jackie 250+ times for a 300/90 facepuncher either dd or Rd nothing
Dx if you’re on ps4 and looking for a specific I may have it as I don’t play Zane often.
May the rng bless you!

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Thanks for the offer but I’m on PC. It’s entirely possible that I have seen a lot in the past on other VHs and just sold or left them as I didn’t have a Zane VH until very recently. Now that I do and I’m looking for that anointment…of course I never see it. lol.

It’s only rare on the items you are specifically looking for :yum:


I think the anointment pool is pretty diluted. It seems to me that there are a ton of Action Skill End anointments, which makes something like Cryo 100% pretty hard to come by.

I save pretty much every Cryo 100% item I come across. If you’re looking for something in particular, I might be able to help you out.

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Thanks for the offer. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular. I’m leaning heavily on a Flipper with 200% ASA right now and a Hellshock with 75% vs. badass. However, with as much gun damage as I’m getting from skills I think it would be far more beneficial to get the SNTL Cryo anoint so I just been trying to find some worthy guns with that to try.

Only one I have found so far is a Butcher. It seems to work well but I don’t love the handling of that gun so the search continues. After I complete DLC2 and hopefullly get a new Seein’ Dead COM I will move to DLC3 and hope for some DLC3 guns with the SNTL Cryo anoint.

Finally, things are looking up in the SNTL Cryo department!

Good weapon but might be a bit hard to shoot when flying around at 90 miles an hour.

LMAO…not that hard to shoot. HOLY CRAP. To quote Moxsy…that’s a lot of DAYYUMMAGE!

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That weapon makes buddy system the easiest modifier :grin:

Finished DLC2. Got my updated Seein’ Dead COM with +AS dmg:

Moved on to DLC3 to work on getting a Radiation Flipper with SNTL Cryo anoint but until I find that…I farmed one of these:

Seems to work pretty well! I like that you can use it pretty well while moving around fast.

How exactly did you “farm” that Dakota?

RNG. Sometimes you see not a single gun with it for hours on end, just to then open the chests at the end of athenas and find two different (and equally crappy) SNTL cryo anointed legendaries right next to each other.

Before completing the story you can go into the bank and there is a trick to opening the chest. There are some videos about it if it isn’t apparent to you. I have about 6 good ones saved. :wink: