Sntnl items to trade. Open to many level 53 items

I need that redistributor what do u want 4 it?

What you got. I play all characters. Any anointed kybs out yet?

Yh 160 splash fire cryo

Add me Noizaram as soon as finished MT (half way) will mail…

Ok thanks!

Added u syn_theeo

Ok sorting now. Just finished takedown.

Interested in the redistributor. Just started to farm lvl 53 stuff. So dont have many good, but might have something u need. What do u need?

So many:

Level 53

Bangstick x18 with ASE splash/corrosive/cryo
100/125 ASE corrosive cutsman
Band of Sitorak with ASE corrosive or cryo or cooldown.
Cloning maddening tracker with ASE 25% damage on throw.
Kybs worths with decent anointments.
Reoccurring hexs with decent anointments
Generator trans fusion trackers with decent anointments.
120 splash Tediore weapons
Carbuncles anointed
One shotter shields anointed
Om shields anointed…

And many others…

I’m in the market for an anointed distributor too. (Been farming for two days and haven’t had a sniff) I’ve got a few anointed level 53 items to trade.

My EPIC ID is StarkRaving.

Got mostly Zane stuff atm.

Bro, your avatar is epic!

Band of Sitorak with ASE corrosive

I have this in ase corrosive. Two actually. One is a run and gun. Cant remember the other off the too of my head

Ha ha. Thanks. It’s from an underappreciated movie - ‘1941’.

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I’m giving away my age but I know exactly who it is and what movie it’s from. That movie is underrated cause it’s funny as hell. Belushi was born to make people laugh!

Level 53 yeah?

Like the catalytic and the Lucians…


I’ll send them your way. Already got u added