So... 30FPS on Consoles?

So… it’s running 30FPS on Consoles? bummer, if that so. I thought the guys over at 2K have said you’re aiming for 60FPS and 1080p on Consoles, and given the fact this game is very visually busy, it’s going to be a little problematic to play like that. It’s an only beta thingy, or we would expect 30FPS on launch?

Thanks in advance!

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Is this 100% sure to be 30 fps at launch? I was really hoping for 60 fps even with reduced graphics. This game would be really awesome if it was smooth as heck. It would also be a 100% sure buy for me and a my friends if it were 60 fps, think about it gearbox! :smiley: Maybe release a patch that can reduce graphics and increase frame rate or something.

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not even sure if its 30fps, feels a bit nauseating when moving. not touching this on PS4 now, may try it on a gaming PC when I get one.

Really, really disappointing. I can’t see a reason why this game have such a hard time of being stable on 30FPS. I hope it’s only a beta exception, and we’ll get something more reasonable on launch.

Kind of hoping to get an answer from Devs about that.

That sucks. :frowning:

May be just because I’m a peasant, but I can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps


I don’t see the issue?

The only time I consider 60FPS nescecary is in a fighting game, both beat 'm up and 1 on 1.

I imagine it likely has to do with just how much is going on at once onscreen. All those intricate, big hand drawn graphics and explosions are pretty and all, but they gotta suck a ton of data.

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Just my opinion, but if it’s a steady 30, it should be fine. If the framerate is plummeting into the teens, it’s a problem.

It’s passable, but man it would be a lot better at 60, still hoping for it.


Not only is 60 much smoother visually than 30, but it is also much, much more responsive.

Play at 30 for an hour, then play at 60.

You’ll see the difference.

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I do. Very much. The confusing thing about that is that I was legitimately waiting for the Console version, because I had the understanding the game will run 60FPS on Consoles, or so that’s what I got from 2K and GBX. I can’t really see a reason fo that, given the fact games like Doom or even Overwatch are running 60FPS and smoothly. It might be just a port problem they are aware of, and on the final build changes will be implemented, but as of right now, I’m not touching the consoles version. Battleborn it’s something we all should experience on 60FPS in my opinion.

If you legitimately want to see the difference try youtubing early access battleborn gameplay from a few weeks back, make sure to turn up video quality of youtube.

I honestly think that the FPS wont really change when the game releases in early may.
Unless the beta is a slightly older build compared to what went gold and ready for pressing.

Considering I’m on PC, running at 60 isn’t much of a problem for me, buuuuut it’s still a shame it can get 60 on console, plus there’s always the possibility it’s poorly optimized, or I need to upgrade my rig.

To be fair, 60 FPS would’ve been nice, though for me it is optional (previously noted exceptions aside).

I dare to say that you dont really need to worry about this. Borderlands 2 showed that GBX can make a good PC port, and I dont think it’ll be diffirent for Battleborn.

I doubt 60 FPS on consoles will ever be mainstream in this console generation. The hardware is just not strong enough. With all the particle effects and the amount of characters on screen, I guess the developers opted for a stable 30FPS build than a flactuating unlocked build. Stable 30 is better than unstable 45.

Well the pc had half the power of the games this generation and there were running 60 fps to 80 fps, and they even look great, just some were , the 3 rd party and consoles , decided , stay at 30 fps, and it sucks. and they wanted this generation of gaming on console to last for 10 yrs.

console do not got all the junk on pc you have to even do , to change settings and stuff , why we not at 120 fps to 180fps on console is crazy stupid.

As for your eyes can see , 30 fps that is like tobacco companies saying smoking saves lives .

Or vhs is better then DVD, or blue ray sucks to dvd, you can notice the differents,

Even 400$ budget PCs are better than consoles nowadays in a series of AAA games.
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate:
Star Wars Battlefront:
The Witcher 3:
Just Cause 3:
and practically all games that have and will ever come out. It’s just that the current generation of consoles is really weak. Even for 2013, they were really weak pieces of hardware.

But that does not mean we cannot enjoy the games that come out. 30FPS is fine as long as the game’s visuals are polished. If I have to judge based on what I have seen on youtube, the devs seem to have done a pretty good job with creating a really nicely looking and nicely feeling world.