So a good number of us want a Prestige system, but how would you make it function?

Since the games release, there’s been a lot of requests to add in a Prestige system; similarly to Battleborn Tap. Gearbox has taken notice of this, and are in talks of whether or not to implement such a system. While many of us here clamor for such a system, I think it’s also important that we lay out HOW such a system should function. The “How” aspect of this is largely why Gearbox hasn’t given us a yes or no on whether they intend to implement such a feature, as there are a lot of moving parts involved.

Should your Command - or Character - Rank reset upon reaching the limit, or should it continue to increase?
Do we make XP gained previously before the Prestige System apply retroactively?
Do we make Character XP for a Rank 15 character apply to other characters, or have it stored within a bank?
Do we essentially repeat the same reward system when it comes to the Command Rank (Rank 1-100)?
Do we make excess XP count towards certain rewards? If so, how do we scale these rewards and what should be offered?
If we allow for rewards, will they tip the balance too heavily towards players who’ve invested a lot of time with the game?

Those are some of the questions that rear their head when we start talking about a Prestige system. And while those questions aren’t meant to negate anyones argument as to why we shouldn’t have one, I think it’d be good if we found some general consensus as to what type of prestige system we would like to see. Obviously, if having a Prestige System feels warranted by the Devs, they could modify it.

A Prestige System I have in mind would work like so:


Assuming it’s tracked internally, any XP earned in excess of the amount needed to maximize either the Command Rank or Character Rank is applied retroactively. This would be a boon to players who have stuck with the game for quite some time, with some of the benefits (listed below) alleviating some of the frustrations associated with the games RNG.

Command Rank:

The Command Rank will return to Rank 1 again, and you would build it up to 100; like previously. This also means you get the same rewards - barring obtained characters - that you would have gotten along the way. A small, golden numerical indicator near your name would indicate how many times you’ve prestiged. There could also be titles associated with this as well.

Character Rank:

Character Rank would work roughly in the same way. You would restart at Rank 1, obtaining the same rewards you previously earned. Ranks that would have rewarded you a taunt or a skin will instead give you an uncollected Taunt or Skin you haven’t earned through Faction packs. Golden and Cyber skins could be obtained after Prestiging with a certain character a set number of times. If you’ve already obtained all skins/taunts for said character, while ranking up, you’ll instead get one Faction pack related to the faction of that character, as well as 250 credits.

As a bonus, if you’ve prestiged every character belonging to the same Faction in equal magnitude (e.g. Every Eldrid character has prestiged once), you’ll be rewarded a Faction Legendary Pack containing 1 Epic, a 1000 credit token, and 2 Legendary items associated with that Faction.

It’s a template, but I think if we started consolidating what would be do’s and do-not’s, maybe we could see such a system arrive (and potentially, quicker than we’d imagine).

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How about:
Our player/character rank hits 100/15 and our exp just goes to progress towards random faction loot packs. Each pack (preferably commander rank) requires 2k-4k exp. Sounds simple enough to me. I doubt they want to copy Overwatch’s system.

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Why aren’t we pushing for the ability to trade our loot? Even if the trades are FREE I’d like to help people.


I don’t really care if all it does it turn XP over 100/15 into credits, I’d like to get something above CR 100.

I play a ton of characters between story and PvP, that’s just part of my thing. I think my lowest level character is 7, and I have probably half of the cast at level 12 or 13. Oscar Mike is my only level 15 character (though for some reason I got the Master of Phoebe title upon completing her Lore despite her being only level 10 at the time.)

I’m spreading out my play in part because it’s my personality to prefer variety, but also because I’m afraid of running into progression walls. There’s still a teensy voice in my head that says I shouldn’t play OM, who is still one of my faves to use, just because I could be applying that XP to someone else. OM has nothing more to gain, and progressing with him won’t earn me anything.

While I’d like to be able to comfortably play OM or any other 15-level characters just for the sheer fun of the match, I’d be really happy if GBX just gave us SOMETHING for progress beyond CR 100 or Level 15.