So a thought on boldur

hello peoples,
this is just something ive been wanting to say for a long time. i know alot of people think boldur is a bit too powerful, and meaybe he is, but you do have to judge his style differently than other players. This is what i think: boldur doesnt die. thats it. but that doesnt mean that he is always out on the frontilnes fighting the enemy team. basically what happens is boldur goes into battle his hp runs very low and backs out with his shield. but instead of dying he has to either teleport back to base to heal or find a healer/healing station. so you CANNOT judge how good boldur is, based on the number of times he dies in a match. so basically what i wanted to say is that boldur dies in his own way it just doesn’t show up on the stats. also his shield basically makes him useless at low health and he can easily be ignored, or he’ll die when he goes into battle.
i honestly think because of these reasons that boldur is not as good as everyone claims (he can probably still be a big threat with a good player, but so can any other character).
what do you guys think?

Boldur is a threat because at level 5 he can hit someone harder than Orendi can. Not just because he’s hard to kill. Without gear, he can exceed 1000 damage with Boldurdash and Axe Toss when powered by his ult, in addition to stunning someone. That, and the fact that he’s the hardest character to kill and the fastest, he’s pretty damn powerful.

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The problem is, You get no Exp for ‘Killing’ Boldur, and while TP’s are balenced early game for ‘Deaths’, due to the time it takes to TP and walk back to the game, late game it severly undercuts the respawn time, and can make him live for ever. And Late game he has Massive HP regen, which is also a pain to get through.

Good ideas, but no character should be able to rack 15+ Kills in a game, soak up 150k damage and not be actually dead.
Even Mellka (Pre BP 35) Had to TP out, but good players learned how to get 25 kills a game, but they never could take more than 70k damage over the course of incursion, and if they did get CC’d they would be nearly dead (unlike boldur.)

…I’m one of the best Shanes and can prove that one wrong. :smile:

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Kelvin is the Best Tank

Boldur’s issue is that not only is he Tanky as fck, he’s Fast as f**, and he hits like a Truck.

A good Boldur will also be disruptive as all hell allowing for your team to isolate individual players and pick them off OR take down a Sentry or two.

…I find that to be his best skill, team spending time to chase him is distracting.

Yup. There are a handful of categories you can rank a character in: Damage, Survivability, Mobility, and Utility. Boldur excels in the first three and is good in the latter. His burst damage is nearly unrivaled, his survivability is the highest in the game, and he nearly always has on a 30% movespeed buff. There is a reason we constantly rank him the most powerful character in the game. Anyone claiming otherwise simply doesn’t understand the game well enough.


Good points from all of you :slight_smile:

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