So ... about gaige part choice (rubi vs grog and shield)

i see people playing bl2 once again and theres new player joining as well , (epic made it f2p)
i thought to share some unpopular opinion and potentially useful to u.

rubi vs grog and part:
i actually think rubi is better for op10 since it does way more damage than grog and it doesn’t have slow projectile , it almost always full heal u when u shoot even u dont have too much anarchy . ofc theres disadvantage which is slag chance .

i choose tediore grip over matching grip , because it takes fewer shot to empty your mag so u can gain anarchy faster , as a utility , dps dont matter , only down time matter and tediore grip have similar reload speed compare to maliwan grip .

i use binary prefix and it benefit u in 2 way , it empty your mag faster and it make u shoot 2 bullet which effectively give u 46% slag chance per shot , it isnt all that bad either , considering grog 1x only have 50%+ and unless u do u know what u will most likely stuck with 1x and bad grip.

shield part:
if the shield have special effect , i would go with triple anshin or 2 + 1 maliwan resistance . because it give better capacity and special effect at the cost with rec rate and delay , which is fine u always specced into bss anyway. this logic goes with a tons of shield, hide , antagonist, BBB , FOTF , black hole , pun chee ( Substitute for hide)

theres exception, it is blockade , u should always go with triple pangolin. bee should always be double maliwan or tediore + maliwan if u liked reduce recharge delay , so u can have higher amp up time without sacrifice too muchamp damage


My name is Jefe and I endorse this message.