So... about his ult

When will this buggy piece of sh*t be fixed? Seriously, I’m starting to get tired of crashing on some random invisible object in the air that cancels my ult or being unable to activate it because of ceilings. Another thing, I’ve been using his level 6 slow and I’ve noticed it doesn’t always proc. Not sure if that’s bugged or not.

We discussing Caldy? :dukegum:


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Given that Caldarius is getting close attention in the Winter Update, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some adjustment for his ult, as it’s the most often-complained about aspect of the character… and it would be weird for them to make obscure changes and not touch this.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t fix it at all either.

It was good to finally get to play with you and see your Caldy in action, by the way! I was not disappointed :wink:


He gets boo boos when he hits his head :head_bandage: Gotta have somebody give lil kisses on his wittle head before he can try again :kissing_closed_eyes: You can do it Caldy we believe in you!

Just do the ■■■■■■■ ult you ■■■■■■■ degenerate tiny man with ya lil dick god ■■■■■■■ damnit


I’m 99% sure they’ll never do anything about it. I’m getting used to the disappointment.

Likewise with your Mell. You definitely live up to the rumors.

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Like when you charge Thorn’s ult and there is a wall in a way…?
The word is situational (I’d wellcome less invasive scenery though). Plus there already is something done to it - just try and hit the ceiling with his ult and you’ll see.

Never used that, gottta check into it soon.

Not crystal. Just sayin’ :dukegum:

The real problem is actually bad hitboxes, not Caldys ult. It often likes to clip on things that shouldn’t actually be stopping him. Improvements to that would be nice. But anyway, the way the ULT is now, you should refrain on using it in some maps altogether, which is boring.

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As I wrote: I’d like less invasive scenery :wink:
The workaround in the manner of Battleborn collisions, a slight repulse when in contact with geometry, might do the trick, or maybe Gbx should just make Ult controll more complex: being able to adjust altitude [down] would be nice.

No, sometimes the ult decides to not land where you were aiming and instead gets canceled because of some incredibly small ledge that sticks out more than it appears like on Monuments or on other stupid scenery like the pillar next to the sentry on Overgrowth. And yes, I know the cd is reduced when a ceiling cancels his ult. Still lame.

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I think that is one of the things that makes battleborn exciting. Different characters have advantages and disadvantages on different maps.

I don’t think being stuck for 30 minutes with a character whose ult you cant really use at all counts as… Exciting.


Lol oh I forgot overgrowth is in a tunnel surounded by other tunnels

And the Jennerit really like building overhangs everywhere…

All the better to trap you with darling

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