So about rift network

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #1

So I found out exploding rifts is pretty damn good, yet network is just TOO good, should instead be that each individual pulse is better when attached to another rift

(GT: The Lone Arch) #2

They really are they do a ton of dmg but its really difficult to utilize them to your liking lol I personally have only ever been able to successfully use it on missions. The only way I’ve been able to use it on pvp so far is by choosing the helix that makes rifts explod when using his ult.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #3

When people don’t see rift network they will take risks to go in and destroy them so I go blow them up on them or use them as a bomb, also good wave clear, also in square root of pain are the rifts thrown around too, if then that gives more of a reason to get it

(GT: The Lone Arch) #4

Yes I’ve done wave clear on overgrowth and outskirts with it and since a lot of people like to chase I sometimes(very rarely) successfully blow them up on people when I throw them down ahead of me and dmg it enough to explode by the time I pass through it(if I make it alive) and hit whoever’s chasing me. I find it to be that one choice in his helix tree that is harder and can be used very cleverly or in fun ways like el dragons bicycle kick or benedicts divebomb or kid ultra’s retro rockets that give him a double jump

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #5

So a high skill ceiling helix, using it Thier are two ways, group for you to have and anyone near gets blown up, or spread apart for more potential hostile blow ups, so do you have any suggestions to have rifts network not that good (cuz right now the damage is crazy)

(GT: The Lone Arch) #6

I honestly can’t think of anyway for network to not be good let alone outshine the other choice by far. Its just tooo damn good other than when it can’t be successfully set up

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #7

I would really like if only each individual pulse became better rather than a BOOM and that the damage stayed the same, that would make it where unstable rifts are viable to me