So about the Borderlands remaster

So…they going to ■■■■ it up or ■■■■ it up? (If its real)

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No, it’ll be beautiful and cause everyone that looks at it to shed a tear of joy and happiness because of how magnificent it is.


I need it in my life. If only to fix the OCD I get when I see BL2 and TPS in my PS4 drawer and BL1 is missing.

The clouds will part and a beam of light will shine on my shelf when I put it next to my other PS4 games.


And the light beam shall be DARK ORANGE!

Make it so, Lord RNGesus!


It would be nice to have it remastered but I feel a lot of people that are saying they want it remastered mean they want an updated version to come out.
People are gonna want the features they’ve become accustomed to that Borderlands 1 doesn’t have: badass rank, heads and skins, golden keys, 6 players to choose from, being able to go OP, the list goes on… It would have to be rebuilt from the ground up to keep people happy, because while hardcore fans wouldn’t care cuz they just love the game and the story and the grinding, not everyone is so dedicated.
Point being that BL2 AND BL1.5 both fit on a single blueray disc meaning that putting one game on a single disc would be a waste of space and money because soo much more can fit on there.
I feel its really up in the air cuz all that

Id like to give GBX the benefit of the doubt here in that theyd be smart enough to not destroy the original game like that.

Because seriously. Updating it to play just like BL2 would absolutely destroy it…And I really want to say GBX know better than to do that if they decide to remaster it…


I wouldn’t mind some of those improvements (heads and skins for more/better customization) but yeah, it really wouldn’t be BL1 if they added stuff like extra characters to be, BAR (although I personally dislike the proficiency ranking in BL1 since it’s seems like a dumbed version of BAR but without any user input) or OP levels (although I think the negative stigma associated with them is based on a lot of people thinking they’d become OP Gods of Destruction while playing at OP level xyz rather than what it is really, a difficulty option for those who felt the main game/difficulty was too easy).

I’d love for them to fix the difficulty of Borderlands 1.

If they ever release a remaster of 1, I do hope they fix all weapon titles, prefixes on shotguns, the melee boost on the Reaper and make sure splash damage doesn’t gett eaten by the terrain.

The last 2 are especially annoying, rocket launchers are near useless and the Reaper, well, lets leave it at dissapointment when I saw that the advertised melee damage didn’t work, considering its as rare as a Pearl.

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I’m just gonna disagree with this, they are useful but temperamental due to more often than not having the blast be absorbed into the ground if the ground wasn’t level.
My Roaster likes roaster non-fire resistant stuff a lot and my corrosive launcher likes ruining random Crimson Lances’ day.

BL1 ‘Spread’ RLs are still my favorite, especially in Fire. Napalm air strike, anyone?

DPS/Maths in general BE DAMNED! It just looks cool to light up the place with one of those…

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Completely agree.

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Nevermind this. Moved my post here

I thought this was purely speculative. Pitchford said they would consider it if the new Handsome thing sold really well.

Can’t think of a game more deserving, except maybe Diablo 2. There’s a great bug list floating around. Tweaking is fine, but I wouldn’t want core mechanics getting messed with. If I want to play Borderlands 2, I’ll play that. Borderlands 1 is a better game, IMHO.

I could really go for a Borderlands with FOV slider!