So About the "Enhanced UI"

There’s an odd flickering on the sensors screen of sensor volumes and the edge of map numerical values when you don’t have Enhanced UI set to ‘ON’ or ‘Enhanced’.

See here.

I personally don’t like using “Enhanced UI” because it decreases visibility and makes it easier to miss blips on the sensors screen. I have no idea why the designers thought that removing strips from our UI and having a refresh pulse flow through it is meant to ‘Enhance’ our overlay but I have a feeling the reason would be something along the lines, “it looks cool”…

Yea, not digging the new size of the build menu. It’s a pain to find the spot to grab to resize and doesn’t remember game to game. I’ve given up on it and just getting used to lessor screen :frowning:

The UI was improved a little with one of the latest patches, I currently use 1.2 on the global HUD scale so when I have multiple ships selected I can read the ship quantities more easily. However there’s still the issue of other UI elements being changed as well. It would be nice if we could get independent sliders for the text, ship command, ship formation/tactics sections etc.

I’d also love to see a compact view of the build and research menus, where only the ship icons and their prices are shown. It doesn’t take a long time playing the game before you’re able to recognise each unit from it’s icon alone and the existing text takes up a lot of unnecessary space. This would massively increase our available screen real estate.

Something like this:

Compared to the current UI:

The more compact design also gives you the opportunity to display both the ship and the subsystem build queue at the same time.


Fully agree. Options to choose to set this would be wonderful!

i had this linked in my bugs list (can confirm this is the cause, setting enhanced ui to on, seems to resolve it):

  1. [severe] - sensors manager: at a distance, blue sensor spheres are not drawn (sometimes this depends on angle), but mousing over any asteroids/RUs will display the spheres again. the compass cardinal degree markers will also flicker in/out. seems to occur in HW1:C only after mission 03 (larger maps?).

also, as a side-effect, dust clouds are now more visible in the sensor manager, but dunno about the anti-alias/blur effect :\