So about those changes


That “unintended functionality” was the ONLY reason to use that silly mutation…

Thanks Obam…er, I mean Gearbox

That is one toasty meme.

Ha, thanks.

I was a bit bummed. They removed the only good thing about rangefinder and did nothing to address that lackluster ultimate or the clipping issue.

Kinda sucks

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What was that unintended functionality?

What was the unintended functionality I never chose rangefinder anyway so I’m unaffected

You get 11 more shots for the tmp which brought it up to potentially 39 shots which was great.

Why the heck would I want more range on the flash grenade when it almost goes across the map already?!

Stupid mutation!

More shots in the tmp

That’s why i never went with it. Caldarius is lethal at close range so why make you’re flash bang have longer range that just never made sense.tmp clip size never bothered me anyway though i primarily use his energy blade.

Yea, I definitely use the tmp more than anything. I could basically take out the big thrall without reloading. It was nice.