So about those loot/exp relics

I do belive when i pre ordered the description statted relics not this craplousy shield. Is this not also fulse advertising?
If it stated nonscalling shield i would have not coughed up extra money…

Ah - those booster packs are meant for me to fire up as a rookie and equip early… was saving them until later in the game and was wondering what the point of an XP boost from 1 to 10 or whatever it is was doing on a level 40 item. :laughing:

I found that out when my first character was 30 and a friend claimed his at level 10 and complained. I was waiting until level cap to claim preorder gear. However I will admit even after learning that, I still waited until cap to claim it just for the novelty of having a max lvl one hanging in my room.

However every character you create does have the ability to claim it from mail. So even though I didn’t do so with my first 3 characters (by choice) I just might claim it at lvl 1 when I finally start a Zane.

Wait til level two. Apparently, I have heard that level one ones weren’t…stable?

Good to know. Of course honestly I feel it is very easy to get to level 10 so I might not even rember/bother to claim. LOL

This is why I’m nosing through these posts, thanks!

Just to lazy to look it up my self after two weeks of tossing nerfed gear and respecking 56 times lol.