So after nearly 2 years of this game being out matchmaking is still a complete disaster

What an embarrassment for pve game. BL2 had a better MM than this. Left it to sit in MM menu this morning for takedown on m11 in NA, it’s still looking for a game. :joy::joy: They should be advertising it as a solo game


Assumed MM meant mayhem mode and agreed with title, then read the post and still agree with yo, lol. Matchmaking should have used the same menu system as previous games.


I don’t disagree, but it is possible to solo the takedowns.

If your having trouble try switching the search option to Campaign or Slaughter Shafts or arms race and switch between M10/11 try to find someone, ADD them and try to invite them to do stuff lmao.

I haven’t been able to get into a 3 or 4 player match since the first few months without people joining manually which is really depressing when the game is alot of fun with 4 players

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MM = Match Making.

Thought you meant Mayhem Mode.

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What does it have to do with takedowns?

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I think he was trying to prove something like who cares it works solo… people like that shouldn’t even give there opinions lmao

That’s harsh :rofl:

I think what he’s saying is that a lot of people are looking for people to do the takedowns because they can’t solo them (wich is actually pretty easy with the right elemental weapons)

Although this game is built towards coop, it’s easy solo :rofl:

I haven’t bothered with coop in this game ever (played BL2 with 1 friend 90% of the time and it was fun, in this game i feel like i would just carry people through the game)

Also, the matchmaker looks and sounds awful :sweat_smile: seeing MTD takes me a few minutes to solo… Why would i bother waiting for other people wich probably won’t even find the game i’m hosting.

It was a bit harsh lol. This game is incredibly easy. I get wanting to play with friends which I’ve done in the past, don’t remember any issues apart from the Shift network going down on occasion.

I’ve never wanted to matchmake with random people though, seems weird to me.

You’d want it for the same reason as in BL2, to join someone who’s playing through the content you’ve already completed like story or dlcs

the person i played BL2 with stopped gaming :frowning:

and i kinda hate playing with random people :rofl: and seeing the matchmaker is trash i just don’t bother with it (and can solo everything but TGTD haha and i don’t realy need anything from GTD so i don’t realy play it that much anyways)

believe me, if there would be any use for me in coop it’s to carry people haha

Why so much hate for randos? I’d have no friends in this game if I didnt go joining into random games.

nothing personal :wink:

but it’s the internet hahaha and random’s are known to ruin your game (there’s people who use over the top modded crap)