I the only Beatrix who DOESN'T take the silence and doublePZ helixes?

I dunno I feel like making it so anyone who attacks patient zero gets infected pays off a lot more in the long run. Tic people across the map that you don’t even see. And i like PZ being extended to 6 seconds is a HUGE buff, more than just buffing you and them at the same time for 3.

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Thought Patient Zero last 5 seconds then with the helix option is increased to 8.

I use both.

Honestly it depends on who the enemy team is. That will dictate if I use the silence or not.
I also play a selfish Beatrix sometimes. Just in case I “accidentally” PZ a teammate, I choose the apply to both option instead

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The silence is absurdly good cc and can straight up neuter characters that rely on diving then escape skills.

If there’s a Kelvin, Dragon, Mellka, Deande, Pendles etc on the enemy team the silence is ridiculously good.

Depending on my comp I’ll switch between double PZ and longer duration.

Cc is very important in this game in pvp. Missing out of it can be hurtful to your character and team. That’s the way I see it.

I dunno, i see it as two different ways to help. Like puttin PZ on a tank so the entire enemy team plus mobs get Infected because they all fire on the tank? That seems to help out quite a bit.

combine that with the later helix where Infections spread to nearby enemies as well, plus upping the poison damage, and you basically have the entire enemy team infected for the whole match.

Recentrly i got the lorrain purse cutter, i go left of we have a tank or someone who is going to get targetd a lot. Thst way i get shards from her poison, patient zero, fulminate and her ult.

I made 3k shards from ult and patient zero on boldur @lequizachris dives like a champ with extra dr and dmging everyone and everything around him.

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dang that’s a smart idea, I hadn’t even thought of that!

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I love the silence option from the get go. If I see an attikus or anyone who would have an escape plan I wait until they are about to bail out to hit them with the 3 second silence. that 3 second silence turns into a quick 10+ second respawn hahaha

Both Level 1 helices are good but i prefer the silence to cancel ults/escapes.

I also take the increased duration because 6 seconds of attack speed and life steal on characters like attikus, oscar mike, phoebe and Montana are amazing.