So....Ambush Predator?

Anyone know how far you need to be from a enemy? And, even if they’re attacking you at range, does it still work, etc?

It triggers based on your distance to an enemy and that distance is somewhat lenient. It works if you’re being attacked. Any enemy being inside the roughly 10 metres/30 feet (visual estimate) threshold disables it.

From DocStrangelove’s Critical Hit Calculation Thread:

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How do you determine distance in game? How long is a meter?

@Ratore came to the same conclusion I did a while ago so now I feel pretty confident in it.
10 yards seems more or less just a few feet short of a running jump.

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When I came up with the “10 metres/30 feet” estimation, I didn’t mean to give an accurate value, just a rough approximation to give a general idea. I looked at that last screenshot, estimated FL4K’s height at about 2 metres, and thought ok so that distance is in the ballpark of about 10 metres.

Actually 10 metres is 33 feet, I tried to convey that it’s not 10 feet or 50 feet, but roughly in the 30 feet ballpark, at least by my visual estimate.


I think they patch this before that there will be an indicator if the skill is active. It seems like it’s bugged again