So... anybody using anything else then "seeing dead" after the buffs?

i still don’t see any use, using any of the other mods for zane :sweat_smile:

infiltrator is nice to use with a rough rider but that’s such a niche build wich i don’t realy see working on higher mayhem

Techspert still gets outdone by seeing dead…

and the others i’ve never even bother looking at them to be honest…

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Outlier here - I almost never equip Seein’ Dead unless I’m sniffing around MM10 for some gear or fighting a boss I’m not built to handle.


Depends. I think the two that might be interesting with the new tree are the Executor and the Hustler.

Executor includes additional crit damage and also boosts some of Zane’s high tier kill skills which may be interesting for those who want to go down both Red and Purple all the way to the capstone and still not lose out Good Misfortune for better kill skill uptime.

The Hustler is interesting in a few specific scenarios because it can be used trigger Eraser on bodyshots which has interesting interactions with certain guns like the Recursion.

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there is no reason to use anything else people do not understand how much 25% kill skill boost matters + free playing dirty/salvation always active

i never use seein dead but the reason is not because something else is better i just hate how good seein dead is. neither 80% executor crit nor 100% bonus shock from conductor is worth what seein dead gives. seein dead literally allows you to live on minally investing in key skills and still getting more out of them

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Have a god roll executor mod for my kaoson thats sitting in the bank that i am eager to try with the new trees options but can still see the seein dead being the meta choice.

I haven’t been playing recently but I do expect I’ll want to try the Conductor and Executor when/if I come back to BL3. I got tired of using the Seein’ Dead. Not sure the Antifreeze is in a place that entices me to try it for more than a few minutes. I will not be trying the Techspert unless it receives some more changes; it’s still a joke to be quite frank.

Antifreeze needs a buff to make up for the removal of sliding/airborne annoints.

I don’t even play Zane and I can see this :sweat_smile:

Yeah. Particularily since, unlike the anoints, the Antifreeze is actually just non-multiplicative gun damage. The reason why the Antifreeze was a top COM for a while was not because of its primary effect but because it boosted Violent Speed, Violent Momentum and Supersonic Man.

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Looks like GB is relying on the 4th tree to balance COMs. Seein’ Red + Rack Attack MANTIS Cannon allows you to sustain Kill skills with a 5 charge/12s ASC. This frees up build to consider Hustler (Eraser shenanigans), Executor (another kill skill), Antifreeze (more Violent Momentum and speed).

If the Cold Warrior com could trigger kill skills through freezing foes, I’d snap it up and use that. Just maybe change the skills to Calm, Cool, Collected, Brainfreeze and Trick of the Light. +25% cryo damage built in too.


I have played conductor since it was released. Seeing dead is still the most powerful but the conductor is viable on a CC build. You can go full cryo weapons and shields don’t have a chance. I’d switch to hustler if they would fix it to make Crit bonuses work with the body shot Crits it produces

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I think we can all agree that seeing dead is still the best mod :neutral_face:

I saw some vids with the new skill tree and well… I think they’ll add a good mod for the new tree and all others will still be sub-par :worried:

Biggest problem with this game… Main game is still a mess and they keep slapping on new content further breaking the game

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They buffed the other mods?

(That is a joke about how little impact the buffs had)

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So much this… I mean look at Zane alone. Without DLC how viable would he be in the classmods/build category. The only thing would be to run and hide while you clone does the dirty work… You know the clone is the vault hunter and you are his little side kick method.

I’ll be Interested to see what they do with a patch though. Hot fix can only change numbers for buffs… not fix broken mechanics… So here is hoping… They haven’t touched my original mod and the worst of them all… Cold warrior… … However… Judging by past performance they will completely miss the mark and the dlc class mods will be the ones to get… You know best to make it paywall to enjoy the game right facepalm

I’m managing on M8 with a well-rolled Executor, Cold Bore and Hellwalkers.

Lots of crit damage, and I swapped Galaxy Brain for Lootsplosion to make it an actual challenge.

it is not a little impact tho 100% bonus shock and 80% crit are far better than 50% and 17% (with dfc) they were never going to beat seein dead because this class mod generates infinite life steal 100% double stack kill skill up time and playing dirty sticks out of thin air. even if u make executor 9000% crit seein dead will still be better com to use (without shoulder canon that is)


I stacked jakobs damage and crit damage along with AR damage.

And drone/dome :blush:

If my clairvoyance ricochet doesn’t turn everything in a fine red mist, the radiation damage will explode anything near my target :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: also equipped a rad cloning mirv hex

Blasting through M10 with ease but all because of the seeing dead :confused:

So you agree. The buffs made little impact because Seein’ Dead is still better than all of them and people will continue to not use them.

it really depends on what you wanna see. seein dead inherently is destined to be irreplaceable as it solved all of zane’s problems like maintaining kill skill up time and giving him a source of damage in FFYL which is super important. but it stll had big impact since some people who want to play zane and despise seein dead can now actually have very engaging and rewarding combat experience while not being overpowered. for example playing no clone executor or conductor is very work heavy setup but still capable of taking true maliwan take down in m10 and certainly will be joy to use in m11. so did it have big impact for average joe? no they will always use seein dead and maybe gimmicky unforgiven executor mantis canon setup. but for people like me or kbk it has had a huge impact and we are the people who play zane a lot and play in many different ways, weather it is important or not is up to individuals. for you it does not matter so it is 0 impact for me it makes or breaks the game so it made a very big impact on the enjoyment of the game for me, having a lot of fun doing executor or conductor while having no freedom to randomly toss my skill points every where because 1 point in good misfortune with seein dead outweights CCC+good misfortune on other coms combined. of course zane still has horrendous time in FFYL with either of these coms since it is a fundamental design flow but the buffs made me 200% more happier than i was.


Yes seeing dead was pretty much the mod that made Zane compete with the others

And even after the buffs seeing dead is still the better choice

With seeing dead you can have your KS active all the time and BOTH action skills active for long times so why would I equip a mod that keeps only my drone active? :sweat_smile:

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