So - anyone else ever run into any +60 lvl toons?

Sometime before Christmas - before the H-Dome release, I ran into a level 72 clappy while playing in the Xbox live lobby. I shrugged it off as loading glitch or something and figured I was getting bad info - But I also ran into a level 61 Jack not long thereafter.

So was this a bad read of what the server was sending me or was there an exploit to circumvent level cap?

They were using Gibbed to level themselves to a non-legit level.

That’s an exploit – people have been using some sort of ‘gibbed’ editor to do that & lots of other questionable things. Check this link for more details:

It’s even more obvious that these idiots are using gibbed if they’re set at 61 or 72. The least they could have done was set the level correctly and had 60 or 70. :scream:

*edit these smileys suck

I don’t run into it nearly as much as I did in BL2