So anyone try Bloodletter with new Pearl artifact?

It’s working strangely well for some reason

I dont know why but somehow i get some life back just after playing around for a bit. Might be a bug because your not supposed to get health at all with bloodletter mod?

At any rate my com gives me 3 points in desperate Measures and my artifact 50% mag size so I have short Fuse cap stone and green tree all way down to matches set and in red tree have just enough to hit the Exp munitions skill

Best part is IB benefits a lot from desperate Measures and mozes health is always pretty low like 25%

Sometimes you get one shotted so surviving is hard. You kind of have to keep your distance and you sont have the luxury if rushing in head first like zane or Amara.

I like this build because it doesnt limit you , you can use all weapons and IB is not compromised.

Try a Double Downer shield. Suddenly, FFYL doesn’t matter, as long as you didn’t go down in the last 30 seconds. Did Wotan again today with a Deathless build and that shield. Still works wonders…

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That’s a quest reward isnt it ? Not farmable ?

Correct. Not without save skimming, that is. Luckily I managed to get 30% skill CD after exiting IB on kill on my first try.