So apparantly we arent allowed to win tie-breakers anymore if you are a man down

Apparantly you arent allowed to win if a teammate leaves since it NO LONGER AVERAGES SCORE, despite the thorough beatdown you give. WTF is this “Loss by Number of Stats Won” ■■■■■■■■? You do realize that if a team has a man down that they are very unlikely to beat the other team in meaningless stats such as shards, buildables built, minions built… OH and if a minion kills the Sentry and not you, Your team gets no credit in that stat and will lose if the other team had a player get the last hit.

Please revert this abomination of a score keeping method and give back the old one so you can actually win with a man down. (and give us back the minions killed stat, no one gives a crap about who got the last hit on the sentry)

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I’m even having trouble understanding why you lost by number of stats won. To compare best stats for each team:

Kills - 13 to 6
Least Deaths - 0 to 4
Assists - 16 to 5
Damage Dealt - 166785 to 99729
Damage Taken - 30476 to 27443 (the only category there I see so far that they actually beat you on, unless it counted the dropped player’s 0, which does seem to have been highlighted green)
Healing Given - 6240 to 7179 (ok there’s one more).

Did they just cream you guys on minions, buildables, and shards?