So, apparently Matchmaking thinks

Level 25 had pretty of time to get acquainted with the game, game modes and characters he is playing with and against. Level 10 or less - barely seen the game.

Lets assume you’re right, and my elo is so freakishly low. Why the hell I don’t see same teams as my opponents? Why my opponents are composed of mid-high level players? Isn’t the purpose of matchmaking to setup and even challenge, not one-sided slaughter (which it usually is due to a lot of inexpierenced plauyers in my teams)?

I used to have pvp winrate around 75%~, now due to getting constantly paired with newbies it’s fallen to 56%, but it’s still a positive. If you question my skill, I can present you with an infinite supply of screenshots of my losses where my entire (or almost entire team) has those goofy 1/12/4 stats and low scores.

Level HAS something to do with skill when it is that extremely low, it signifies that person might, and probably is, not familliar with the mode, his character, enemy characters, and so on. Stop mindlessly chanting “level has nothing do to with skill”, it has and it certainly does when we’re talking about 2-10 commander rank guys.


I agree.

After a few matches I was rank 10 long ago and although I played the Beta, others have never touched it and they are extremely likely to be unskilled or inexperienced. It only takes maybe max 8 matches depending on how well you do and if you won to reach rank 10.

10 and above I can see them getting benefit of the doubt but not 10 and under. Unless they played the Beta they have not played enough.

my only suggestion for GBX would be to get 10 players, then make teams, not 5 and then 5. that way it can split the 10 relatively evenly (people play in groups so not perfectly evenly)

I’ve played matches with low levels vs high levels since i was level 70 (now I’m 100) and no it’s not always, fun, we don’t always win, and often times some of my teammates will quit and then reenter once they realize for the first time you can’t leave one match and then start another. But in the end, As long as I try to work with my teammates, we’ll all make there in the future. I’m not too concerned because a lot of people are still buying the game right now, but soon the playerbase will for the most part be rank 10+


I’m talking about level 10 and lower…there’s a gap in experience, based off of “my time” playing Battleborn. And like I said previously, I was just throwing out an idea to fix the matchmaking. I’m sure you are a great player, but that doesn’t fix the issue with matchmaking and drop outs.