So apparently the valentines event ended a day earlier than posted

originally stated in release it would go to the 20th of Feb. I get home from work and get right on so I can try to get the hearts necessary for my final character to get his guns from the event, and of course the event is no longer active. Well played on not being able to read a calendar Gearbox. Well played.

Well it ended when it said it did, not their fault if you were mistaken.

Hearts will start to materialize across the Borderlands once the February patch deploys before 3:00 PM PT on Thursday, February 13. You’ll then have one week to assist Maurice before this seasonal event ends at 8:59 AM PT on Thursday, February 20.


I was about to rant but… well, ■■■■ me for working the night shift, huh? I was just 10 enemies away from the last reward too… ■■■■■■■ great.

It lasted a full week, it took me one single run of Slaughter Shaft to get all 100 actually finished halfway through even completing it. That’s like 20 minutes of playtime. You can’t blame GBX.


Even a laidback player like me got it done in an hour or two of not actually focusing on the task. Still, a week is a bit short. Two would’ve been better. But even if they’d done it as long as the Halloween event, anyone who got sick of it could’ve toggled it off.


Another week would have been great. People do have to try and function as people in society at some point…or do we?


Maybe they were on Sanctuary III time.

(Gearbox is like a box of chocolates…)

I got it done within 2 hours of normal gameplay mopping up side quests with rewards I saved for a level cap. I do wish that it was longer because I would’ve loved to farm for hearts for chances of annointed weapons I don’t have.

The event was so short I was not able to play it AT ALL!!

SOME people have jobs that last for a week straight, yes I am one of them. and I don’t have time play video games in that week. These kinds of events ALWAYS take place on my work week, but usually last more than one week. Whoever thought to only have this up for a week should be fired. Thanx for not letting me participate Gearbox.


Your frustration is understood and the guys are aware of some issues from the event ie not being able to redeem items etc as for the time frame also understand your frustration as you said real life things coming into play hopefully they may place the weapons from the event into the loot pool so you don’t miss out

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I sort of agree with the OP which is odd because I thought the Harvest event was too long. They seem to have taken that complaint from the Harvest event to heart and made this one much shorter. Considering how long Harvest was I think 2 weeks would have been about perfect for this one. I got rewards on two characters as it wasn’t that time consuming but I would have liked a bit more time to get a couple more if possible.

That being said I really enjoyed the event. It wasn’t too intrusive into gameplay but was a fun supplement to what I was already doing. It’s just ironic that I found the Harvest event somewhat annoying (though I learned to like it a bit more by the end sans the terror effect which I still hate) and it lasted forever and this event I liked much more and it ended too soon.

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My only gripe is that it did not end on midnight or 23:59 like most events and promos. Good thing I checked, because I ended up grinding till 4am.

It’s a Valentines Day event that took legitimately 60 minutes to complete, I don’t think it needs to be a month long. Maybe two weeks at most. I get that your schedule is unique, but where do we draw the line on this? I personally would rather have shorter events for small holidays like V-Day, but leave month-long events for the bigger holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving.

Honestly, the best solution is to have it be persistently available for people to choose to do at their leisure. Limited time events are a general nuisance that attempts to strongarm the player into playing on the game’s schedule rather than their own.


I sadly just noticed a post about the Event this weekend. Spent Valentine weekend out of town with my Valentine, and after a week of work/family it would of been nice to play the event. As they made a toggle for it, 2 weeks would of been great. The only game I play on Epic is BL3, so it was easy to miss out on.