So are Corporations, besides maybe Atlas, all bad?

I was playing through the game again and when you fight against Katagawa he mentions that “this is how corporations do business.” He then states that if Maliwan doesn’t try and take over Atlas then the other companies will (Believe he states Jakobs and Tediore). Wainright is pretty much a fan favorite at this point and seemingly on the side with the VH but then you see the Jakobs people and his Daddy’s personality was very much shoot first. Then there is the lore where he seems to have taken things by force or threats. Is the VH a bringer of peace? If we were left out of the picture would these Corpo Wars have Jakobs and Atlast warring against each other?

Do you think “War is coming.” actually meant the warring of all the corporations against each other?

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what did we learn from cyberpunk and real life?



Generally speaking, a corporation is a classic figure of evil organization in Sci Fi genre, Borderlands is no exception.


Torgue? Mr. Torgue isn’t evil, maybe overzealous with EXXXXPLOOOOOSIONS!!!111ONEONEone!!11.

I expect Tediore to be diabolically evil after being pooped on by everyone for decades.

Pangolin would be a pain to fight, talk about bullet-spongy enemies. Anshin would be interesting.

I still want to take on the Traunt family. That should be the next TD; Traunt Family Takedown. General Traunt promised…


I’m surprised they weren’t part of Maliwan Takedown.

Torgue’s not the owner of his corporation. He got swindled out of it. Play Campaign of Carnage and the Wattlegobbler DLCs to see them at their evilest, from Torgue’s own mouth.

Jakob’s questionable ways are exposed in Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island DLC and Bounty of Blood. They aren’t above treating people like pawns for profit.

Tediore is at best, a negligent company who decided to make defective guns that could explode i your hands a feature instead of a flaw.

Hard to say if Maliwan was bad before Katagawa Jr. took over.

Vladof’s soldiers got jerked around and Moze admits to doing worse things than grave robbing…


Welcome to scifi, “corporations=bad” is one of the most well-trodden tropes of the genre.
We haven’t met tediore yet, and the general vibe is of a sort of underdog company that markets to the little guy. They probably do some heinous stuff too, though.

Hey, we helped Atlas. I would gladly help Mr. Torgue get his company back.


Hopefully we’ll meet them in the future, along with Vladof and some more of Dahl. I feel like Atlas, COV (although they’ll need to be called something else in future games), Jakobs, Hyperion, Maliwan and Torgue have all been pretty well documented at this point.

Atlas is not different. If you compare BL corporations to ones in real life - BL corporations are ARMS manufacturers! They profit comes from violence, death, fear(war) mongering and endless cycle of armed conflict. It’s military-industrial complex. Yes, they can market it for self-defense purposes, but major income comes from gear that is used in battles. We are not better - death is a part of our (BL players) entertainment.

Every party that is involved in the game is in some shape or form guilty.

I recommend Spec Ops The Line if you want to see armed conflict through a different lens (well, if you haven’t already).

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The corporations are all bad.

Atlas is just an ally because of story reasons from TftB. if you played BL1 they basically just stepped into Dahl’s footsteps after they left.

Jakobs being nice borders on a retcon. It’s a complete turnaround from how they were in BL1, they didn’t cared one bit if workers got eaten alive.

Tediore, well they may not be as eviiiil as the others but like said they sell dangerous malfunctioning weapons as a feature. Imagine Apple telling you “well duh, our phone might not work but you can still throw it at someones face! So buy it anyway”

Also there is some difference between:

Mister Torgue who is a nice guy (by Pandora standards) and Torgue as a corporation. Death isn’t enough, the enemies have to die in the most gory way. They also sold weapons directly to the bandit clans in Borderlands 1.

Dahl and the Lost Legion. The latter is a rogue unit genuinely trying to avert the things that Handsome Jack would set in motion.

Also they might all do different things like Hyperion advertising tourism, Atlas producing food etc. but they are also pretty much the government because a central one doesn’t exists anymore. In the Borderlands universe the corporations rule everything and at their heart they are all still weapons manufacturers. Like @KauluMaisas said they all profit from violence…

And so is Marcus

And the Vault Hunters, sure they might thwart an cosmic invasion here and there but at the end of the day they are still just mercenaries working for the best gear.

So no, in no way are the Vault Hunters bringers of peace :sweat_smile: although they might make life better for the people of Pandora, along the way.

Sorry that this post is already so long but one thing that I find kinda relevant:

One of my favourite moments in the series is actually in Borderlands 1 where you start wiping out a bandit clan, thinking your helping the people but it ends up just ending in a takeover from another even more violant clan. You then have to clean up the mess you caused, so that Helena Piers even trusts you.


Bounty of Blood

More like, muscled them out completely by sending in the Crimson Lance. (There’s a line in the BL2 Mine Cart Mischief mission about that)

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As a side note, I loved how Handsome Jack called Maliwan a bunch of “war hippies” in an Echo log in BL2. :smiley:


I kinda wish Moze synergized better with Vladof… I mean look at her outfits, excessive force, etc.

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Reread, it’s second. Jakob’s Cove still counts though… When you think about the swamp setting and Lumberyard, what planet come to mind?


Jakob’s Cove was like 85% Dr.Ned’s fault alone though.

Borderlands 3 does create some confusing thematic questions as to the satire of capitalism the series has been known for up to this point. You could say maybe Rhys is an outlier with the new Atlas. There’s flavour text on the guns that mentions how they’re going for corporate responsibility, and a lot of his possible dialogue near the end of TFTB indicates that he intends to find a more ethical way to run a company. There are ECHO logs where he and Zer0 support the civilian resistance cells and he even brings Lorelei onboard because of her work in them.

What was really weird was creating a new character in Wainwright, making him likeable, dedicating an entire DLC storyline to saving him and his wedding, and then throwing a bunch of “Jakobs is actually super evil” lore into Bounty of Blood and not even mentioning him or his reaction to this legacy.


Well, Wainwright didn’t really involve himself with the company or feel he should inherit it, that some cousin might. In his Echoes be points out that Clay was better suited for it than him.

What happened at Gehenna preceeded him or Clay being in charge.

And as far as Jakobs Cove, that they actively kept the operation going and we can assume, hired Ned or let him set up shop was gross negligence.

Jakobs Trp was pretty shady too.

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i think modern atlas and jakobs are good or decent at least
we dont know the current hyperion leader, but its might be athena MAYBE there was a comment about the shield gimmick haviong something to do with the new CEO, so we COULD assume it might be that hyperion now is also good or decent

as for vladof, we know they are asshats, basically hardcore russia

maliwan is obvious, but after the games events katagawas sister might take over maliwan or try to do some ■■■■ there who knows, so future maliwan might be cool with us aswell

dahl is rly not good like vladof, basically hardcore MURICA