So are Gaige and Axton a couple now, or what?

Seems like it could be that way, with the way they talk in the Holodome.

Well, they do have a lot in common:
Pet class
Assault rifle class mod
Electrocution class mod
Into guys

Would a boyfriend say “watch your damn language young lady”?

I think gearbox is aiming more for a father-daughter or uncle-niece type relationship.

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That’s true. Gaige still keeps hitting on him though lol.

I just can’t help but think of this:

I’ve played through and listened to their conversation with four characters and I’ve gotten no sense that there was any feelings between them. Maybe I’m missing something but Axton is a veteran soldier, had a wife and seems like someone in their 30’s while Gaige is just 18 or so and acts accordingly. I just don’t see anything happening between them at all at this point.

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Cuz us devil may care, handsome and dashing soldier boys are jus hard to resist…

Got me a gorgeous " Southern Belle" from Viginny to prove it…

33 years ago…

Honestly, I don’t know what she sees in me but I’m a happy old G.I.


If we’re considering the ECHOcasts Twitter account to be canon, then Axton considers Gaige too young for him and is actually in a relationship with Ellie.

Uh, what? I knew Axton was a bit…off, but Ellie? That’s rather interesting.

When Axton was still in charge there were a bunch of tweets about how he was planning to woo Ellie (example). According to this tweet it actually worked out.


Yeah, Axton’s with Ellie. Axton and Gaige kind of uncle-niece

not to mention , while gaige has pointed out , shes after hammerlock, or at least makes references to that attraction in bl2…if he wasn’t gay

yeah she has a little crush on him. don’t think you should look too much into that though

You bet your behind that I let her wear the skimpy armor in Flamerock. Moxxi’s nice and all but I need SOMETHING to look at when I get back to town.

More like adopted daughter…

that was my impression.

When? What did she say?