So are grenades just useless now since they don't scale?

Even on M4 Grenades were really just used to proc annointments and on M10 it’s even worse. Using grenades for any kind of damage on enemies is like shooting a BB at a freight train.

shields and class mods are also not scaling on xbox

They were never supposed to, though grenades not scaling seems more questionable because they’ve got a damage value attached to them.

Grenades have always been useless exept for the anointments you get.
Early on, when grenades were viable, GB nerfed them to be useless and still have no value without an anointment.

I dunno maaaam Gmods have some quirks… like knocking enemies down, lets you apply another elements and effects.

Personally and I am yet to find a mod that can cryo freeze in one toss. I would like such a thing

Considering you can throw grenades without interruptions if you don’t ADS they are still a damage increase. Best to use them for utility atm though, like singularity, transfusions are probably best. The it’s piss gives 20% multiplicative damage to weapons so it’s still great. Moze gets tons of benefits from a cloning maddening tracker but grenades are not going to be the main damage source at the moment.

Interesting - I’ve had quite a different experience with grenades.


Grenades are so weak in BL3. Even legendary grenades with exception to a very few are laughable (in my experience).

Do tell about your experiences and which grenades have been good to you. I may just be equiping the wrong grenades.

Most of them? The Fastball seems weak to me, but that’s looking at it through the lens of BL2’s version. I also don’t quite have the knack for getting the Red Queen to hit enemies properly. In addition, I’m less enamored with the new singularity behavior; the way it swings them around (instead of trying to pin them to itself) and doesn’t seem to grab from as far a range as BL2 makes them seem useless? (I do love including barrels in the catch though). Otherwise they do what I want? Previously I played at MM2 though. Since version 2.0 came out, I’ve only used a Firestorm and Storm Front.

I built around grenade damage for a run with the Firestorm, and at MM4, it was wrecking Skag mobs by itself. The Storm Front has mostly been used to wreck enemy shields in Joey’s place.

I feel like with two separate anointments that increase grenade damage, grenade damage being on mods and artifacts and the fact that Moze is a thing I feel like grenades should have been scaling.
I guess they thought using grenades to kill Wotan was OP?

My rain firestorm tickles enemies now.