So are snipers worth it now?

Outside of the sandhawk? They used pretty powerful but at mayhems scaling theyre just meh… Plenty assault rifles do a better job than most snipers.

Now i hear all snipers have been buffed? Is this permanent?

Non flak/ niche build exploits… Do they feel good?

Thats how i rate a weapon… Can it kill well without being super buffed. Or do they NEED an anoint?

Outside of the aforementioned Sandhawk, Complex Root or Boogeyman the +20% buff is a slap in the face for 99% of sniper rifles in the game. This class needs a dramatic overhaul to make them worthwhile across the board unfortunately.

My personal suggestion in a passive +100% bonus to critical hit damage for all non-splash dealing sniper rifles.


Lyuda (just finished an entire Guardian Takedown with it, terror setup, was pretty fun), Skullmasher, Unseein’ Threat, Krakatoa. All are pretty fun and efficient snipers.


The Bird of Prey on my Amara build is awesome. I can clear most all content with a Jakob’s/sniper build. The thing about it is… you do have to hit crit shots pretty consistently. And that’s why I love it.

Who would have guessed the good snipers got better and the terrible ones are still useless


@EzioILMentore I personally have always found the Lyuda to be very underwhelming, it’s definitely an ammo hog and it’s tough to get all the projectiles to hit on many targets. With terror ammo regen though (as you pointed out), it might be better though.


I’ve discovered the Boogeyman on Moze is pretty fun with the Blast Master class mod.

The Wedding Invitation is now also quite the treat, at least it is on Fl4ks and Amara. And the Headsplosion now at least kills stuff in a reasonable time, it’s not great, but it’s serviceable. Sure, the Malak’s Bane for example is still ■■■■, but that’s why they said that they were monitoring all sniper rifles and would look at those that underperform and potentially buff them. And Malak’s Bane really needs more, probably over +150% weapon damage to even be worth looking at.

@narfkeks IIRC the problem with the Malak’s Bane is both low damage AND ammo consumption, I believe it uses 2 ammo per shot, right?

It does, but if it’s damage was high enough that wouldn’t be the issue. Right now you have to pump 20 shots or more into a single enemy to kill it. Make that 2-3 and the gun would at least be acceptable. They could make it so that it’s a “crit or bust” type of weapon with like +750% critical hit damage and no ammo consumption upon crit and leave it as is otherwise. That would at least make for an interesting gimmick. Not a top tier gun, but at least one that fits a certain playstyle. Currently the only playstyle the Malak’s Bane fits is the “I like to punish myself so I play bad guns” playstyle^^


It seems like it was meant to be a hybrid utility weapon. Snipe from long range and switch to the alt shotgun mode for close quarters. Good idea but the shotgun mode is laughably ineffective and it’s barely useable as a sniper in primary mode. If they ever buff this gun (again) I hope the alt fire gets a separate much larger dmg increase.

Ammo hog, yes. But you can negate that with a terror build. I’m usung an annexed version (x2), cryo with N2M radiation, and a Re-Volter. Pretty fun and can clear all content (even GTD)

And yeah Lyuda is a sweet spot gun, like the bekah. It’s mid range or nothing so you gotta manage your spacing properly and reposition accordingly. That makes it less effective than the top tier snipers, but I still find it pretty fun and efficient. I have a Lyuda boner since BL2 and it never went away

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The Iconic Disruptor is now my favorite Jakob’s sniper. And that is saying a lot.

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What you just said is 100% correct, I wouldn’t argue that. But it’s unfair to compare the Bekah to the Lyuda in terms of how they are used. Yes, both weapons have one pellet that splits into 3/4 (IIRC the Lyuda splits one pellet into 3, the Bekah splits one pellet into 4), but the Bekah has massively higher base damage, a better crit modifier IIRC, and is way, way easier to use than the Lyuda not just because the AR ammo pool is close to 10x higher, but because you don’t have to use the BS sniper scopes.

OK, so I do know what you meant - you gotta hit the Lyuda at the right distance, but the Lyuda’s sweet spot in BL3 is not exactly the most usable. I love multi-pellet weapon mechanics like the Lyuda and Bekah have, but comparing the Lyuda to the Bekah or even some other multi-pellet weapons in BL3 doesn’t make sense to me I guess. I’m not saying the Lyuda is bad, but it’s just not as practical to use in BL3 as it was in BL2 IMO, because of the way snipers work in BL3.


Can’t agree more to this. Which is why I sincerely hope they’ll give Lyuda a buff after this sniper challenge. Honestly it wouldn’t take much to make it slap again : 50% damage buff and bring back the 40% crit damage like it used to be on release. That alone doesn’t seem like much, but it would make a big difference.
(Also, please Gearbox DO NOT nerf Sand Hawk and Skullmasher, they are at a right spot rn, strong but not usable in every situation)


I use clairvoyance as a sniper lol. I think it does a better job than most snipers. No jakobs buffs needed.

Playing with the lyuda is like being excited about being handicapped. I guess it is its own challenge.

Skullsmasher finally went somewhere with the buff.

Snipers in general makes no sense. I feel all snipers need a massive jump in critical damage or just damage in general.

Kickcharger feels like a proper sniper and itsa rocket launcher. Lol

So far i only see… Sandhawk everyone. But u run outta ammo. Skullsmasher with flak or anointed/buff

Headsplosion moze.

The root with certain setups ever since the extra projectiles nerf. Itl get u killed but lol damage.


This is what I do / did. Went into BL3 thinking I’d make a sniper build as those were my favorite jam in BL2 but snipers in this game just aren’t fun. Most fun I had sniping in this game was NVHM leveling when finding a nice blue or purple sniper was an exciting thing. Then I have this AR that just manages to fill that niche better than any of the snipers themselves. Rewards crits, it’s accurate, shoots bullets instead of weird slow orbs or atom bombs that’ll kill myself, doesn’t scope off to narnia so I can actually aim the damn thing and has overall good stats in every other way while enjoying the stupidly high AR ammopool. It’s still my main characters main weapon.

A bit more thought being put into their design in general would’ve gone a long way.
Why the hell do all Jakobs snipers have 5-6x zooms in a game where most enemies are being fought in such close quarters that the amount of zoom is just harmful? Why does Dahl single shot have bonuses while bursts don’t
Why do the devs have such a hard on for Jakobs snipers? Slight exaggeration but there’s probably almost as many Jakobs legendary snipers in the game at this point as there are other manufacturers combined. Something like Unseen Threat and Cocky Bastard with their effects could’ve easily been a Dahl or Vladof sniper for example but I guess a DLC involving Hammerlock or Wainwright isn’t allowed to have non-Jakobs weaponry.
ARs and SMGs in this game hit as hard as snipers do while they practically never can run out of ammo, why is sniper damage in general so crap or if we aren’t supposed to worry about ammo then surely sniper ammo pool could be as outrageously large as weapon types that on par with them anyway.

Sorry for the rant but… bleh


Glad we had this challenge as it pushed me towards playing snipers more in mobbing and I’ve been having a lot of fun with Lyuda (again, it doesnt need a massive buff, BL3 iteration is already better than BL2 one. I’ve been able to clear every BL3 content with my Lyudas. BL3 Lyuda just needs its Crit damage bonus back and small card damage buff atm, but NO Hellwalker or Rowans Call type of buff please), Bird of Prey, skullmasher (this one didnt even need a buff anyway, it was already in the top 5 snipers of the game), Sand Hawk, Storm (with an Infernal Wish this one is amazing).

I agree the ammo pool could be bigger, but I like the fact that you have to build around sniper rifles to make them really good. Too many guns are already meant to be for an easy general use in the game.

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Sniping is a challenge for me in BL3, and it was to an extent in BL2, due to the spawn behavior of enemies. I’ve been playing BL1 a lot recently and what I love about that game is that enemies spawn far out in the distance. It’s possible to snipe things before they get close and become a threat…which is kinda the point of sniping. Most enemies in subsequent borderlands games do not spawn until you reach a designated spot, then they crawl out of their holes and buildings and then 3x zoom doesn’t help. It’s so fun in BL1 maps like Rust Commons East or West when you can see enemies at the other end of the map and pick them off with a well placed sniper hit. I wish there were more opportunities in BL3 to catch enemies off guard from a distance.


Purple/ Blue Unique snipers are currently siting I a dark corner crying because they will never be anything in this game

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