So are they ever going to fix this game like they promised

So like the game runs like ■■■■, and they havent done anything to fix it, why we waited 7 ■■■■■■■ years for a broke ■■■■ game with a terrible story they did a epic exclusive WHICH I THOUGHT WOULD BE GOOD CAUSE THEY COULD GET HELP WITH USING UE4 but the game ■■■■■■■ cant run smoothly at all’


Imagine playing on console.


I have a mid-tier PC and the game runs fine for me using DX12, too. Console is a different story, but I don’t play on them.

I can’t even navigate the menu without the game locking up or lagging. Nor can I even dream of playing 4 player coop, as it would probably destroy my Xbox One S.

I’ve also never played a game in which it takes longer than 20 seconds to get to the main menu. BL3 takes me three minutes. Like wtf?


Real answer no just simply no


I don’t have to imagine it, I’ve done it mostly without major problems on the original XBOne. Usually with 2-4 players. And the performance of the UI, at least, has improved a great deal since launch.

How about the well documented multiple beyond easy to find posts of day one issues?

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I still can’t go in a vehicle after loading screen for about 15 sec. I can reach borman mates faster with a snowdrift than waiting for the vehicle.
If I play splitscreen the game is lagging when one of us is navigating through the menu.
I can’t join multiplayer. The screen is locked in “initializing” process. The settings are coop. I tryied everything. NVHM and UVHM, all Mayhem levels and all regions. Sadly you can’t choose “all regions” so I wasted a lot of time in this menu. A few months ago I was able to find games and nothing changed in my settings. Still the same internet and the same console…
Not mentioning the loading times… God I can’t wait to play this game on the new console.

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They wouldn’t have any bearing on my statement. I made no claim that the game is perfect or even working fine for everyone. Conversely, many of those who have experienced a major problem seem to take it for granted that everyone is having those problems.

And, of course, there are some things that people complain about that just inherently don’t affect me or have a minor impact at best. For instance: I play with friends rather than randos, I haven’t needed splitscreen since the 90s, and unless the vehicle thing is a recently created problem I’ve never had it. But if I did encounter the described vehicle problem, it would practically be a non-issue for me.

Don’t be silly, of course they aren’t, they are too busy with the season 2 pass for more $$$$

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@HiLLy_53 Totally agree, been 12 months since release, if it’s not fixed now, likely never will be. Lot hoped after last of the S1 dlc that would the golden time all our problems would be solved, tho S2 dlc was announced.
That said as i only pre-ordered the game to play local co-op with my wife on console, wont be picking up the S2 Pass anytime soon, local co-op on console is a poor, headahce inducing afterthought for this release, playable yes, enjoyable No.


So because it doesn’t affect you less of a problem I guess…


I’m sure they will, eventually. They have been listening to customers concerns and addressed a lot of stuff. But there’s just too much to work on, and it’s already been one year. They lost too much time by stubbornly sticking to badly implemented ideas such as lack of balance through anointments and mayhem 2.0. By the time they finally go out of beta interest in the game will have gone. I already stopped playing.
Plus, there’s a lot other stuff to play… Cyberpunk is coming too


Hey can I sell you some stuff it doesn’t work as advertised but don’t worry I’ll fix it soon so just say yes okay :slight_smile:

Exactly. That’s why if borderlands 4 ever comes out, I’ll wait a couple of months to see where it’s going if I’m thinking about buying it. Preordering was a mistake.


Your original subtly must have been lost on me lol

*edit not ment as sarcasm sorry admitting that I must not have understood you originally sorry

Where was this announced?

PC player perspective:
It’s been said before but since threads like this keep popping up, I’ll keep throwing my two cents.
The game is a mostly enjoyable experience from levels 1-60, dlcs 1-3. Story wise and lore wise, it’s all subjective to whether you like it or not.
On a technical side, split screen is a known issue. As for anything else that’s ‘broken’, it is not game breaking to the point of “ah man when are they going to fix this game”.
Play for the content. Stop when you’re bored. Don’t farm incessantly and constantly and then come to the forum and say “Bro why is farming so boring!!@!”
You’re choosing to farm for gear to use that gear to farm for more gear. That’s the cycle, and it’s pretty boring without experiencing any new content.
Wait for the DLC drop, play it, drop the game after the content. Until they add more content, if you’re not having a good time, don’t play it! There’s other great games you could spend your time on, and this game is almost a year old, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.
Take DayZ standalone for instance. That game is just now getting a pulse back after SEVEN YEARS AFTER RELEASE!
I guess my point is, splitscreen is broken and they know about it. As for console crashes and stuff- Can’t speak for that, I’m on PC.
The ONLY thing I’d like to see fixed is being able to play offline in the epic launcher with access to my DLCS. I don’t see why this is not allowed. There’s gotta be a way to authenticate my purchase with my account while I’m offline. Not such an issue now as my home internet is fixed, but when it was going out for the past 4 months and I wanted to play a single player game while it was out, BL3 was not an option as it would stutter and I had no DLC access when offline. Don’t make no sense.
Sorry for the rant, it’s just people get so uppity about this game. Content is king. Farming is nigh useless unless we get some cool, unique circle of slaughters or interesting bosses that aren’t time sinks like the latest take down.

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Ah i see my error, i mounted my high horse too quickly, looking into it, seems the Season Pass 2 is just something Fans want, nothing offical … yet.


Randy did specifically say that there would be more content after DLC4, but there’s been no confirmation of what that will look like. I’m guessing they will announce some of that at PAX this Saturday.