So are they gonna make the Rico shield farmable or

Like, is this one of those things they don’t want people to use? Do I have to really replay the entire game to try for a better roll for this silly thing? Lol


The answer to your question is yes


If you have another vh of lv 50 you could use him to finish dlc and reload the save until you get rico good roĺl it should be shorter than resetting whole tvhm. I ĺl try this with Moze I don t want to mess with my main Amara savegame


Yeah, I guess the main reason I posted here was because I know gearbox employees read these forums. I would kind of hope they see posts like this and take to heart how frustrating these kind of design decisions are. They existed in Borderlands 2 as well, but with the anointment system this game has, you can’t afford to not use an anointment, thus rendering any shield without useless or at least very weak by comparison


Hopefully the ability to individually reset challenges and missions comes - as playing the game from the start everytime to do so, is quite frustrating…


Especially having to get to Sanctuary each time,…


If you want to get suicidal on PS4 you could always try usb/save farming…

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This can corrupt your bank I think :thinking::face_with_monocle::open_mouth:

Not quite, but it corrupts my mental health. I tried for 6hrs, not one anointment. Worse than Sandhawk farming - the ultimate dev trolling.

Here’s something you all will want with cool variants… But ha ha…you can’t get the variants on XBox, and on PS4 we have locked it behind a prison of boredom and frustration. To stir up the frustration even more the RGN will provide some lottery winners - items you may just glimpse on a thread, or wish it was anointed for your main. But all this is quality AAA game design…

Think yourself lucky Xbox players as you won’t be tempted to act like a goat…


I will never understand these kind of design decisions. It’s a unique problem to the Borderlands franchise. This kind of decision always feels like it comes from people who don’t play, and don’t know how players play, the game.

This is similar to the zero challenge reward only letting you get the Lyuda or Typhon chests once per character. But it’s worse, because at least you can farm the Lyuda or see it as a world drop. At the minimum they end up wasting energy designing something that most players won’t use because they couldn’t farm for one they wanted.

I dunno just seems like a waste of time for them?

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I think it’s intentional trolling and too much emphasise on gambling mechanics. It’s like the golden yellow floor lights, the trinkets - with wider gold light than legendaries, the insane chance of getting a roll you want…

These are design choices made by people, and if I didn’t love the gameplay so much, I would have burned my copy whist incanting some curse to Satan.

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Yeah the gameplay is the only thing that keeps me coming back too. That part of the game is incredibly well done. most of the character synergies and way that you can play those characters is awesome. With the exception of ways I think they should change the builds, every vault hunter feels fun and rewarding, within certain boundaries at least. And quite a few of the guns are just super fun to use.

However, in the same vein, the DLC ruined the character Jack for me. The way he was written, it’s like they didn’t understand anything about his prior motivations or why he acted the way he did. He wasn’t some kind of weird angry silly tyrant. His tyranny was a cover for his insecurities. His laughs were part of a game he played. These writes made it out like he was just some kind of shallow idiot who wanted money. These current writers don’t understand anything about character motivation and it blows my goddsmn mind.

Okay…sorry…different thing… Not related…


Dude your the OP, take it where you want…

Tbf it wasn’t Jack though…

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Oh, I wasn’t referring to the doppelganger Timothy guy, I was referring to the audio logs and advertisements and everything that inundated you into what was supposed to be Jack’s personality.

Like, having kiosks all over the place where he laughs at people for taking their money while they actively give it to him was stupid. The actual jack was manipulative and gaslighted people. If he had really been at the kiosk, he would have said something much more subtle and much more manipulative. “The only way you’re gonna win big is if you keep trying kiddo.” Not “lol you’re gonna lose it all lololol fart fart

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Fair points, I have not been a Boarderlands player for too long so have not formed a good assessment of all the character development from 1 onwards. Jack definately was a nuanced character in BL2…

I know that story writing across many media is getting ruined by writers probably getting less say in the cost/benefit analysis… Game of Thrones Season 8…

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That’s fair to say. I want to imagine that the writers are more skilled than the stories they’ve written portray. Maybe there was interference from overhead?

In any case, the quest item thing is definitely just a design decision and I can’t imagine a corporate overlord doing that.

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Yeah agreed.

A possible problem with 18+ computer game writing - something I have argued before - is that too many people play 18+ games with young children, and then maybe as a consequence the writing gets put through the Disneyland filter - as it’s likely that the children are driving big game sales… Thus the darker humour, and nuanced character development, gets nerfed to increase market share.

It’s one theory anyway…

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But I really enjoyed playing the DLC and it’s story flow.

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Oh definitely LOVED the planning montage. That was awesome.

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I actually have a different and dumb point of view about what they are going for with the Rico shield and it completely contradicts what I do on a daily basis…

I think that their vision for the game is more online based, and that people should be making builds around what they find (to make good items truly special) and then legitimately trading for other items. No duping. Fun and old concept, but i don’t necessarily think it works for this player base and, admittedly, it doesn’t work for me either.

The problems are many:

  1. duping exists. Try as they may, it will never be eliminated.
  2. item drop rates outside of new DLC are too stingy. I won’t elaborate on this, but everyone knows what I am talking about.
  3. people don’t want to farm for ever to get something and then have it be nerfed. No one likes their time wasted.

If that is the vision they have and the direction they want to go, they are going to need to add in truly unique items that can’t be speed farmed, eliminate duping and/or have unique item code behind the scenes so something can’t be duped to oblivion), more variety in rolls on secondary stats, and buff 2/3s of anointments that at his point in the game are close to worthless at this point.

I I don’t know how much I would like changes like that, but I might try it. But if they aren’t going to do those things, at least make designated loot drop quests repeatable. No one particularly wants or likes being forced to cheat in order to get exceptional gear.