So, are we expecting any more DLC before March?

Would’ve thought they’d try to get it out before a steam release, but given we’ve had one in four months, I can imagine the 2nd one coming out around the same time.

I don’t want things to be rushed, but do we have a road map or schedule or release window, etc.?

I’d say during March. First DLC wasn’t too long ago and we’re heading almost into the first month since the first DLC came out

You do realize that BL2 had 3 different DLC packages and another Vault Hunter out by this point. BL2 was also released in a September, with Scarlet DLC released in October, Torgue in November, and Hammerlock’s Bug Game Hunt in early January, and they had added another Vault Hunter.

Gearbox promised 4 DLCs with the Season 1 pass. They’re entering the 5th month since the game came out and have only released one. They had better pick up the pace or plan on refunding a lot of money.


I think Gearbox is doing the DLC in house this time. Which means it takes a little more time I suspect. And why would anyone expect a refund before 12 months have passed?

In any case, I somewhat expect 2nd DLC within 2 months from now, 4th dlc around 11 or 12 months from release of the game, and 3rd dlc around June.

I also expect that the 4th dlc will likely be the biggest and best.

I’d expect the next DLCs would come at the following months:

Dec - 1st DLC (already happened)
March - 2nd DLC
June - 3rd DLC
Sept - 4th DLC

Each one is spaced by about 3 months.

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There’s a problem with your expectation. The people who bought season passes when this game released, those season passes expire in September. Gearbox has to deliver that 4th DLC BEFORE their season passes expires or the customer has the legal right to sue for false advertisement and breach of contract. Class action, with punitive damages up to 300% of actual damages.


Does it expire by end of September or 1st day of September?

If it expires by end of September and the DLC comes out by 1st week of September, shouldn’t they be able to download it still.

Also are you saying if my season pass expires on September, the DLC 1 will stop working by September?

I suspect this is just a misunderstanding of wording somewhere (possibly via translation)? From the official season pass description:

There is no mention anywhere on that page of an expiry date, and previous games have not had such a thing.

The only time I’ve seen caveats is on pricing, such as “Season pass for $X until $Date after which it costs $Y”. (Fallout 4 did that, for example. Similarly the 5th BL2 dlc was free for a fixed period of time.)


Damn! They’ve got their work cut out for them. The game is enjoyable and all that but its flaws have flaws.

meh, they could extend the timeframe for season pass holders, citing coding setbacks or unforeseen issues. I don’t think litigation would have a prayer of working.

But this is all a bit premature. They still have plenty of time to release content by September this year.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I’d prefer they take their time rather than rush out half baked dlc.
Thank you for pointing out that there is in fact a release window.

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No offense to the teams that work hard on this game, and I do appreciate their work, but the last thing they need is self imposed deadlines with an increasingly cranky fan base.


Apparently it’s all out before September.

So I think my question was answered.

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Not sure where you got that idea, but there’s no set expiration date on the season pass DLC. The season pass description that vaulthunter mentioned maybe? In any case as long as the four promised DLC packs are provided it shouldn’t be an issue.

People are so “class action/sue” crazy these days…

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I don’t think anyone is saying that.

It is nebulous wording. If they released the 4th dlc by the end of Sept, 2020, then that would probably still count.

In addition, if they meant “before Sept. 2020” they probably would have said that.

Agreed - there’s definitely some wiggle room there. But a month either way is not the end of the world. And I actually appreciated the time between launch and DLC1 this time around since I still only had one character to level 50 when Moxxi’s Heist dropped. That’s just me though - I get that other people have more free time to game in and were probably twiddling their thumbs to some extent.

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Right. let’s sue where it matters. I can think of a few politicians, political issues, and social issues I’d rather have a lawsuit for…

Well, some people played in offline mode and farmed levels on graveward with 900% xp instead taking their time and enjoying the ride. And they did that for all 4 characters. And also reached absurd guardian ranks too.

I now have all 4 characters at level 50 and have played a lot and played my time in the game 99% online. I agree that I prefer this pacing for the DLC too.

If I tell you to show up at work by 5, would you show up at 5:59 and think you were still on time? It’s before 6, right?