So, as expected...I suck

So as I expected for a FPS, I suck. I never was great, but used to do OK waaaay back in college LAN parties with BF1942 or Q3 and such. Now, as I’ve expected from a bit of BF4 a while ago and such, I really, really suck at PvP FPS. sigh Not sure how much more I’ll play this even though I want to help out, just no fun always not winning.

Damned decent of you. :slight_smile:

If I may offer a suggestion, though, if you’re not digging the Quake-standardized psychotic rocket jumping or railgun marksmanship, consider building around the shotgun and Cinders (invisibility), plus something defensive, like Mines and/or Bubble Shield. Wear a pair of headphones, turn off the in-match music, listen to the footsteps, avoid the open spaces on the maps, and ambush your opponent around blind corners.

Shotgun + Cinders is also a hard counter to turret camping, because you can vanish, walk right up on the turret, and kill it in one hit with a point blank shot. If the player is camping behind the turret, one-shot them first, then drop the turret from behind its firing cone, at your leisure.

I hate unsolicited advice, so I’m sorry if this was annoying, but I’m just trying to suggest there are other strategies out there besides the obvious speedy twitch killstreak methods. Throw 'em a curveball. :smiley:

If by that you mean your ability to aim and headshot quickly, I highly suggest relying more on the abilities. Some of them recharge pretty quickly and are deadly. A little more practice while you do that and you’ll regain the FPS quickscope :stuck_out_tongue: I need to do that too. You’re not lonely here!

Haven’t tried Cinders yet, although I did enjoy mines for a bit, just never was able to utilize them to their best. Haven’t gotten Bubble Shield yet, and while Shotgun is of course awesome, just haven’t been up close and personal enough much. Good point about using Cinder to ambush. Found some small success using a turret though. Hm, Turret + Cinder?

I do have a great pair of headphones, didn’t think about turning off the music yet. That’s how out of sync with it I am, lol!

Yes, but the timing on activating Cinders is tricky.

If you are spotted early at your chosen camping spot, I find it best not to activate Cinders, but open up with the shotgun instead. Hover near a safe combat exit, preferably a blind corner, and watch the opponent’s reaction. If they see you clearly activate Cinders, well, you’ve probably already shown you’re using the shotgun, they’ll expect your inevitable advance to close-range for a kill (Cinders is a stock-based skill, so not trying would be a waste). As such, they’ll likely dance around in an open area, spamming rockets at close-range. In this case, I find it best to circle around the map, and listen for the turret activation noise, signaling it has engaged. That’s a good time to move in, activating Cinders if you were able to save it.

If you anticipate the approach, and cloak before you are spotted, the ideal position is a pincer attack, where the opponent is between you and your turret. Even if it seems like you have a clear shot from other positions, it’s often better to circle to the rear, get into that blind spot, and better your odds. Since you weren’t spotted initially, you can usually run straight past the opponent and pivot, which provides a few extra seconds to ensure a clean shot.

However, a rocket-happy player will probably be dancing around wildly at range, picking at the turret with splash damage, making them a very difficult target for a point-blank hit. If you miss your point-blank shot, don’t run towards the turret, and don’t stay in tight close-quarters – both tend to be weak positions against rockets. Instead, stick and move at medium range with lateral movement, engage with the shotgun, and try to force the opponent to choose between you or the turret while keeping your turret in an aggro state. A surprise air jump is a big help here, if you have the headroom – if you meet them mid-air after their rocket jump or air jump, you’re in a very strong position.

Cinders + Turret is fun, but it’s also is a pretty obvious ambush scenario, so it ends up being a big tell. It says, “I’m probably gonna put this turret down, then cloak when you attack the turret.” So a smart player, finding an unattended turret, will hang back and draw out the player, while keeping a keen eye out for the cinders effect (I think it’s an occasional pop of flame embers). I think Cinders is best used as unpredictably as possible, just like Bubble Shield. Keep 'em guessing.

On a side note, rocket jumpers make a lot of noise in this game, both visual (rocket exhaust trails) and auditory (the grunt-boom of a jump -> rocket combo). It’s a huge tell, especially on these tiny maps. Take a page from Daredevil, find a comfy corner, and listen for a while. :slight_smile:

So, much more success for the moment. I really need to remember to use Cinders more often… But Turret + Shotgun ambush seems to work well for me. At least on the space station.

But good suggestions, I’ll have to keep those in mind. 1v1 like this might be a bit better for me than a free-for-all like Quake or Unreal was. I only have to worry about 1 other instead of having to keep a 360 twitch reaction.

Another fun use of Cinders is when an opponent uses mines. Most players tend to lay mines in tight corridors, stairwells, or near jump pads, and especially on top of health pickups, so you’ll be forced to hit them. When you get wallhacked in those places, hug a nearby wall, wait about 2 seconds, and when you hear them rushing up for the easy kill, cloak.

I haven’t seen it from the other side, but judging from my opponents’ reactions, I’m pretty sure they turn the corner, and the red wallhack outline they were seeing through the wall becomes… nothing. And in that second or two of complete confusion, they eat buckshot.

I’ve even purposefully eaten a trapped health pickup, just to trigger the mine and bait them. :smiley:

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