So, back playing, where to grind up before the DLCs?

Got my chars about 55 as I’ve just come back, where to work to get them up to 65? I don’t want to do the DLCs till I hit max, else feel bad about a sub-max drop that I could have used going in.

Best non-DLC exp farm would be Trial of Fervor IMO

I have leveled several times on Mother of Grogans in the Anvil. Put it on M10/11 and you can still one-hit her, plus there are two chests in the room where you fight her and you have a chance to get some COMs and artifacts while leveling.

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Forgot about this one, great suggestion. Far less dangerous than Fervor :sweat_smile:

Edit: I would suggest M10 as I believe XP is reduced on M11

It is not. M11 right now has exactly the same bonuses as M10.

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Would say maybe do some Circle of Slaughter rounds. Kill things, could get legendary stuff and whatever Mayhem level you choose.

I use the slaughters. Mother of Grogans is good if you’re not on console.