So, Battleborn Jump-pads

The newest OPS mission and it’s finicky jump pad you need to use to get to one of the OPS points spawns has prompted me to talk about the jump pads in the game. With talk I mean show you a few pictures.

This is a jump pad in the Attikus and the Thrall rebellion. It’s right next to the jamming beacons.
Here is a picture of where you should land when you use it;

Here, on the other hand, are some of the several places where you might end up landing instead;



Note; No, I didn’t press anything when jumping.

I’m probably not the only one who looks at these and thinks, “Hey, that’s not where I should have landed!” Fortunately for this jump pad, if the jump fails, I’ll not fall to my death. Not so much for That One Jump Pad in Montana and The Demon Bear.

I’m just left wondering, does this random landing happen with all jump pads, or just a select few?


I could write pages about the jump-pad bugs in the dlc.
(The ones in Sabo also.)

The one you are referencing above is whacky.
If you land on it from the ledge above it will not work properly.
If you jump up to it then it might work.

The worst have to be the ones in the newest dlc, there are several in the Montana dlc that have issues.

I think we can nail some of this on the Unreal Engine because in The PreSequel there are many such bugs.

Good look with the one that leads to a loot cache in Montana and the Demon Bear… as Attikus I used Pounce to get to that floatin Isle cause I already lost 2 Lives thanks to that darn jump pad.

I wonder if they know about this, must have received bug reports from Borderlands players and I assume they use the same method to make them then.

I might message the support once they’ve got back to me on another issue.

Really? Genuinely puzzled here as I NEVER have had an issue with ANY jump pad in TPS. Sure, if you mash your buttons or use any of your motion controls you can screw up, but aside from that I’ve always landed right where I should.

The one mentioned in Attikus I think is glitchy because of those crates around it - be off course a little and graze one, and you’re going to have issues. That’s more a design issue though. I suspect the one in Demon Bear would be better behaved if it wasn’t so close to the cliff face behind it: pads work best if you approach them in the line of travel rather than at an angle, but a large character can’t do that on Demon Bear: they pretty much have to come to the pad sideways (at least to some degree).

I hate when I draw the short straw on my OPs team and have to be the one who does the jump pads…


Are you moving in the air bc that Will affect it you can slightly alter the course after jumping when movement keys or sticks are held

Referring to the jumpad in montana’s OP, the one that brings you into the floating island from where you can jump into the “treasure room”:

I jumped on it with several characters, uses different angles, with and without inflight control, and I have to say some characters are harder to land on this friggin island then others, ironically, montana was the worst, my mates needed to stay near the jump pad to revive me, everytime I jumped over there, montana’s touched the island (for less than a second he suddenly stops, but flies on afterwards) but still gets shot over it… pretty frustrating, I had to use his charge in an exact moment to break the loop, otherwise I’d have to spend a life because of broken jumppads…

As mentioned in the OP;

I’m aware you can change your course slightly when in the air. When taking these pictures, I only got on the jump pad and then moved my hand away from the keyboard. Where I approach the jump pad from seems to have a slight effect, which it obviously shouldn’t.

I think it’s the cliff face behind the jump pad. Maybe if there was a bit more room between that and the rear of the jump pad (and a little less of a lean on the cliff) it wouldn’t be quite as finicky.

I wasn’t speaking of a specific jump pad, but I assume you speak of the Montana and The Demon bear one?

Yes, because that seemed to be the one most people were talking about. There are a couple of other jump pads in the game like that, though, including the one you have the screen shots of in the OP. The one that’s on a cart in ATR is also tricky to get on to correctly, especially as a larger character.

It’s interesting to compare the BB jump pads to the TPS ones: the latter are rectangular, and it’s easy to tell just by looking at them which way you need to approach to get the correct flight path. The BB ones are square and, because we don’t have proper 3D, can sometimes appear to function in the opposite direction (depending on angle of approach). This means it’s also much easier to hit them off-axis and not got the optimum flight path. Throw in vertical obstructions and overhangs, and you run into problems.

…I think the Unreal Engine entities are placed for models that Gbox creates.
In BL2 as an example, the Pig, those entities are placed over glyphs that simulate steam.
So on the brushwork in the Montana dlc, the entities on two specific jump-pads may not be laid properly.
Guessing of course but it seems logical.

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