So Borderlands 3 Deleted my Bank and support did nothing

Hey guys. So I play and livestream BL3 on PC. I’ve ran into many many glitches and crashes and issues with the game since launch, bit recently I had my entire Bank of stashed legendaries and loot vanish completely. This was during the boss event week so I even lost the legendaries I just grinded for from said bosses. The thing is I contacted support being upset about this and wondering if anything can be done. They were quick to respond and nicely told me “No”. That because I was on a Local save nothing could be done. I tried to explain why I was forced to use Local saves because the Cloud save was always up to a week behind in progress, and that the game now asked me to choose local or cloud every time I opened it.

They understood and said they would send me some Golden Keys for my trouble and to help me hopefully get some gear back, they asked for some information and i provided everything, they told me thank you and my issues were being sent to the development team hopefully to help patch it…
Then, nothing. No Shift code, no random Mail in game with some keys, nothing. I waited 2 days thinking I was going to get an email, but I didnt. So yesterday I emailed again politely double checking what I thought I understood and asking if it would still be possible to get some keys. And again, nothing. It’s now been 2 full days since I sent that email.

So I’m wondering, do any of you have serious issues and glitches like this? Where saves are wipped, or loot is just gone?! And if so, did support help you? Because I’m kinda getting the feeling they just made us buy a glitchy unfinished mess and are taking our money and running, and couldn’t care less that their game is destroying hours and days of progress and time. It’s really discouraged me from playing it anymore, which sucks because I have thousands of hours in BL2 and it’s my favorite game series. But it’s just heart breaking to lose progress so often and in such a devastating way, and then to have support do absolutely nothing to help and make empty promises. Like I honestly cant recommend this game to by followers right now in it’s current state on PC…

What are your thoughts and have you ran into any issues like this? I dont want this to be a “rant at Gearbox” thread or encourage people to get upset at eachother for their personal experiences and opinions, I’m just trying to get a feel of the communities sentiment around stuff like this. Have you had progress deleted or all your hard work vanish, and if so did support help you? I’m feeling really left out to dry and its leaving a bad taste in my mouth…

I will say that I also contacted support about losing my bank and they promised me keys.

I sent my info along, only to not receive anything.

It’s been 8 days and I messaged them asking the status on the keys and my support ticket. No response, as of yet.

It is very disheartening as a streamer cause my viewers see my bank everyday and they saw the day that all of the bank just poofed. Some of my viewers stopped playing BL3 because of this and numerous other bugs.

Most of our situation is in common, I will say that. My support personal also sent my ticket to developers (I wonder if this is where the hang-up is).

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as well. From this point forward, I have been backing up all my saves daily on an external usb and I am avoiding the bank like the plague, even though they claim to have patched it. Support I would have rated high for at least attempting to help- providing that they sent me keys- but they didn’t so :woman_shrugging:

Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone, really sorry you went through this too. I wasnt streaming at the time but it was still devastating enough that I just stopped and stared at that blank bank screen for like 10 minutes trying to decide if I was just done playing and if it was the last straw. I’m too addicted to the Borderlands series to stop, but now I just desperatly horde items. I hadn’t heard if it was patched yet or not, but I’m honestly to scared to try again, it was so random last time.

Also if you dont mind, where do you stream and what’s your username? I could give you a follow! :smiley:

I remember the day it happened on stream. I legit cried. I ended up Privating my video after the stream so I could edit it out later. It was devastating. That was literally everything I had, minus the stuff my Moze had equipped. I never recovered from that loss.

I ended up switching to a Zane after it all happened. I can’t look at my Moze anymore.


in all the support emails sent out they’ve never restored a bank iirc, just given keys. you’re likely out of luck

I had the same experience it’s been about 9 or 10 days they never gave me the keys either. I checked back to see the status and no response. This sucks to hear this is still happening as I thought this was supposed to have been fixed in the last hotfix/update.

they wont restore it. they just give you a key . you better just keep a main gun in bag always
or hang it on the wall . - ^ - …
next time don’t glitching it too . !

Oh yea I know that now. I’m just upset they seem to be promising keys to now multiple people including myself, and then not following through. :frowning:

Thanks for the… tips? But I dont know what you mean by “next time dont glitching it to”
I dont know how this could be my fault lol. It’s not like i purposefully glitched my bank to delete all my hard work?

I’d send in a support ticket or try to ping on the results. It’s just a matter of time