So Bots suck now?

What happened? Every bots battle is like a kill party… I mean EVERY match… we’re all level 5/6 and they’re still level 1? What happened? This is sad :*(

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It wouldn’t surprise me if there have been many complaints over the months about Bots Battle being too hard, resulting in some Bot nerfing.

Perhaps you have just gotten better?

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Bots are very inconsistent. Some are plain inoffensive while others are quite tough.
Have you ever faced a bot team consisting of Alani, Reyna, Ghalt and double Montana with two quitters on your team? I’m still haunted by these nightmare-ish memories…
But yeah, many bots are completely dumb and useless. (Boldur, Kid Ultra, Beatrix, Kleese, Pendles, etc…)


Def not. I haven’t played in weeks. But thanks for…whatever the opposite of trolling is… me lol


I get what ur saying… but it wasn’t a few easier games… I mean at least 10 games in a row where not even a single bot leveled beyond level 1… that’s not inconsistent, and it’s not just easy it’s pointless.


I honestly have played only one match of Bot Battles, it was on PC with very low command allies. I had like 26 kills and didn’t die, reached level 10. My teammates all had some deaths and like 3-4 kills though. They all reached about level 7. So I think it really depends on how experienced you are on how well you play against the bots? Since my teammates didn’t think it was as easy as I did.
Not sure if you noticed that you got a lot better at the game since last time the bots were actually better? Maybe you have stronger teammates too?

Sadly I can’t remember one of the bots we were up against. I only remember 2 Gallys, 1 Kid Ultra and 1 Shayne&Aurox.


Well I havn’t played in the last few days but I never experienced this in my many hundred Bots Battle. Many (almost all the time) complete dominations but bots still at level 1 at the end of the match? I hope it’s not some kind of sneaky hot-fix that backfired badly! :confused:


Bots have always been a massive joke. Admittedly I haven’t bothered with them in quite a while but I find it really difficult to believe they could somehow get worse.


They actuallly improved the AI a few months ago and they were half way decent! This is a drastic drop in performance… @Jythri any idea what this might be?

That’s exactly what I’m thinking, something else they fixed reverted the bots to dumb mods…