So. Caldarius' overall movement

I play on PS4, and let me tell you, it is quite difficult tracking people that I’m trying to melee with him, using a controller. Also seem to sometimes have someone run in front of me just when firing off a flash grenade. Edit: Oh right, almost forgot the solve for this issue: Communication for when you want to fire, or the blatantly convenient helix talent for that entirely.

Lastly, and this isn’t really an issue, just a minor grumble about, the ult basically shuts down immediately if you touch anything when launching upwards.
To get to the bottom line about that, make sure you have open space when using his ult.

Anyways, like I said, tracking/aiming melee strikes with a controller is crazy hard, especially when I’m trying to be aware of everything else around me. Wait for the opportune time to grav rush into an opponent and start hacking away.

Yeah, Caldarius has a very tight swing pattern. Nothing crazy like Gal and Rath’s spin to wins. The tracking is just something that comes with time. Some folks have a pretty good knack for it from the get go while others like you and me have to work at it. Bump up your X-axis sensitivity and try to get acquainted with it. Also watch the minimap, just reading it from a glance. Beyond that it just takes getting used to sorting through all the chaos of a fight.

It’s been said that the next big patch will be cleaning up the U.I. and maybe some effects. So maybe that’ll help when it comes.

I’ve found that the mutation that slows enemies you hit with Grav Burst really helps in melee tracking.

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I do use that mutation, but by the time I level to there, the game is decided to be a loss or a win, and when I do get to that level for a mid-game /closer to end-game build, just landing the charge is somewhat hard, because hitting targets that are always on the move is a pain. But yes, I usually build the melee Cald, like that very helpful guide posted in the Jenn faction section.