So can I play now or not?

So, my BAR did not transfer over with my level 72 characters. I already submitted a ticket, but I want to know if I can play it now, or do I have to wait or I lose all my BAR?


Anyone at Gearbox care to chime in? It’s very late here, and if I can play I will, if not I’ll go to sleep.

I just don’t want to sit here all night diddling a xbone controller and myself.


Sooo, still twiddling my thumbs here. Can I play the game and get my BAR when the transfers are fixed or do I have to wait?

PS all my skins/heads are missing too.


Trying to be patient, I realise the release didn’t drop exactly as hoped, but all I need here is a yes or no.

If I play now, will I be able to get my BAR later?

Or if I play now will I lose all my BAR from my 360?

Do I have to wait or can I play now and it will be fixed?


I would greatly appreciate a response Gearbox, I think your people are being extremely disrespectful now.

I only want to know if I can play what I paid for now, or I have to wait for a fix?

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Taking the time to remove my posts, but not answer me? This is the worst customer service/appreciation I’ve ever seen.

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Is my BAR going to be fixed if I play now? Can I play the game I gave you money for two weeks ago or not?

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They of course deleted your conversation with me.

Just one thread will suffice. Making more doesn’t help at all.

What doesn’t help is you deleting my posts instead of answering my simple question

So, will playing now prevent my getting my BAR transfer over or not? I just want to know if I can play the game while the fix is being done.

I don’t know. I’m sure gearbox are working on it.

Wow, only took 3.5 hours to answer a simple question. Aren’t you just the superman of customer service.

@Placebo_Soul I just wanted to let you know that most of your posts were being auto-deleted by the system user (essentially a robot)
The system thought your posts to be spam therefore deleted them automatically.
That problem should be resolved now. Sorry about the trouble.

Also, please try to be less snarky. We can only help so much with technical issues. We are mods, not tech support. Someone should answer your support ticket soon.

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@Placebo_Soul The forum moderators are not Gearbox staff or customer service. They’re volunteers helping keep the peace around here!

The team is looking in to an issue for folks missing Badass Ranks and Heads and Skins on Xbox One after using the Cloud Save feature.

There should be no negative effects for those who want to enjoy the game while we work on a fix. You may end up losing any badass ranks you earn during this time as they will be overridden when you inevitably re-transfer your saves as part of the fix. For the meantime, please do not delete your previous gen save files as re-uploading them may be part of the eventual solution.

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I really don’t appreciate being told to be “less snarky” when your moderator was rude and snide. If this is how gearbox treats fans, good job. This is the third time I’ve bought this game, so for my money in, I’d say I’m due a bit more respect than silence and being stifled.

Thanks for the answer to my question 12 hours later, I won’t be preordering again if this is how I am received.

I’m well aware mods may not know certain information, but my post could have been forwarded to someone who would know, as well as being told simply that he didn’t know. 3.5 hours in the wee hours of the morning being told nothing and having ALL my posts deleted is UNACCEPTABLE.

I love the game Gearbox, but I’m liking your company less and less by the second.

Thank you for the update on the situation.

You should forward your questions to tech support. You only come on here to see if others are experiencing the same issues you are. Mods are Mods and yes this mod was rude but there is really nothing you can do about it except complain. I don’t expect to get any information from these mods. I work in the IT Field and know that if you want to get the answers then you should contact the company directly.