So can moze still heal or not

I’m seeing some posts say healing on moze is completely broken and others saying that only “beam” grenades lost their viability.

Can I sustain my moze with other, explosive grenades? If so, which are best? Also, can I still get enough grenade regen?

On PS4 MoD and Vampyr still don’t work properly. Rarely get a heal or grenade Regen. Use Ogre AR and a Mirv tracker purple grenade. Moze was my main and now she is useless. The nerflands 3 team made sure of that. And no communication on if and when they will fix what they “unintentionally” broke.


It partially works without Bloodletter/Deathless. With that combo sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. And thats not even including the beam change.

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I on PS4 and they work, but have to not use “beam” grenades. You can also use beam grenades for constant crits with Pull the Holy Pin which will proc Redistribution. I’m going to be testing a mind sweeper this weekend with the set up.

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I havent seen anyone else mention this but the Tiny Tina legendary grenade with shock can heal you a lot, the disadvantage is that its not homing so you have to be close to the enemy when you throw it.

I didnt even know that could come in shock

Running Bloodletter and Deathless and still healing quite well with the Nagata plus grenade regen is still working well with any splash damage weapon.

Beam grenades are pretty much trash now tho.


I thought it was only shock, havent seen it drop more than once.


I’ll go back and look at mine but I’m pretty sure it doesnt even have an element. I could be wrong though

I checked online, theres a version with no element too, im not sure if it comes in all elements. A radiation one would be cool for another build.

i’m also interested in running a mind sweeper build… any idea if the grenades from the com can proc Vampyr?

Also any idea if beams that proc crits can produce the micro grenades ?

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Trina’s Hippity Hopper proc’s decently well however be prepared to blow yourself up at random with it. Sometimes it will just bounce straight back at you, being shock, not good.

That’s what I’m going to test.

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If you run into that issue, use Transformer. Its a seudo way of getting your shield back but how you have to play is a bit meh and limits you only to Shock grenades that have a high chance a self damage.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Transformer + self damage is a cheesy exploitative way to heal. Might as well just perform the last stand glitch if that’s how you are going to approach content. No different then crit swapping in my book.

Now no judgement if this is how you want to play. But it should not be suggested as something that makes Moze or anyone else viable, and definitely doesn’t fit the way I want to play the game.


For the last glitch I don’t how to do, nor to I want to know. Sure transformer+self damage shock is cheap and an exploit but it requires you playing a certain way to make it work which for me it’s too restraining. And I just looked up that glitch and transformer is no where near that bad but I digress.

My real point was just don’t be suggesting it as a way to make Moze healing viable because it’s not. It detracts from the fact, that she needs more actually viable ways to heal. Besides that an exploit is an exploit is an exploit. You can’t really rank them as more or less severe then the next, they are just exlploits.

Yes she can still heal broken amounts. The new hotness is a purple grenade called the Tracker. It can spawn with Cloning/Mirv/Bounce and always comes with homing. It might do a little less damage than the Hex but it feels like it heals even better. The version I have can do up to 18 explosion per grenade and every one of those explosions can trigger MoD/Vampyr. It’s also pretty easy to farm too since you can get it out of vending machines.

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I second this. I don’t have the perfect version (only MIRV + Bounce 3x, missing the initial split) but the healing is still fantastic.